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Anesthesia Services at Mile Bluff Medical Center

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When you arrive for your surgery or procedure, you will work with a certified registered nurse anesthetist to discuss the pain management option that is right for you based on your needs, physical condition or the surgical procedure you are having.

At Mile Bluff, several types of anesthesia are used. A certified nurse anesthetist will work with you and your surgeon to determine which type of anesthesia is best for your and your procedure.

The most common types of anesthesia, include:

  • General anesthesia produces a loss of sensation throughout the entire body.
  • Regional anesthesia produces a loss of sensation to a specific region of the body.
  • Local anesthesia produces a loss of sensation to a small, specific area of the body.

Monitored anesthesia care (MAC) is also available at Mile Bluff. This form of anesthesia is designed to provide different levels of sedation ranging from very little to very deep sedation. This can be tailored specifically to each procedure and patient's needs. Monitored by the anesthesia provider, MAC is used for non-surgical and simple surgical procedures, in order to provide the comfort necessary for patients to complete the procedures.

Opioid-Free Anesthesia at Mile Bluff

Mile Bluff is also pleased to offer opioid-free anesthesia. Opioid-free anesthesia (OFA) allows the use of anesthesia without the use of opioid medications.

Opioid-free anesthesia allows for:

  • Minimizing the risk of respiratory issues during surgery for those at high risk (those with COPD, sleep apnea, obesity, etc.)
  • Improving outcomes for those with chronic pain conditions
  • Providing options to safely manage surgical pain for those on chronic opioid therapy, and those recovering from addiction
  • Reducing the risk of cognitive issues following surgery
  • Improving immune system function after surgery

Opioid-free anesthesia is still a new concept for many healthcare organizations. At Mile Bluff, our team of certified nurse anesthetists are dedicated to keeping up-to-date with many advanced anesthesia concepts and techniques, including OFA.

Radio Frequency Ablation

Radio frequency Ablation is available in Mauston and is performed by our anesthesia team with the help of medical imaging equipment. Using an electric current, a small area of nerve tissue is heated up to stop it from sending pain signals to the brain. It can providing lasting relief from chronic pain, especially in joints impacted by arthritis. The relief can last from six to 12 months depending on the patient and how quickly the nerves regenerate or grow back. For some patients, relief can last years.

At Mile Bluff, we employee a team of certified registered nurse anesthetists. To learn more about the services they provide or to schedule a pre-surgery consultation, call 608-847-6161.

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