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Mile Bluff Medical Center and its outreach facilities employ a talented team of healthcare professionals. The practitioners at Mile Bluff are trained to meet a wide variety of medical needs. From treating coughs to delivering babies and replacing joints, Mile Bluff's team of providers is ready to serve you.


Adult Medicine Provider

An adult medicine provider is a primary care provider dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common adult medical problems.

Emergency/Urgent Care Providers

Emergency medicine physicians have been trained to evaluate and initially treat acute illness or injuries that require immediate medical attention. These physicians provide care in the Emergency Department at Mile Bluff Medical Center.

Urgent care providers see patients in our Urgent Care. These services are available during the evenings and on weekends when medical clinics are closed. These following provide care in our Urgent Care Department at Mile Bluff Medical Center.

Family Medicine Providers

The specialty of family medicine focuses on creating lasting, caring relationships with patients of all ages. Family medicine physicians are highly trained in the most up-to-date treatments and technologies. Family physicians know that patients want more than a medical diagnosis - they want the comprehensive, personalized care that a family physician can offer.

General Surgery Providers

General surgeons are highly trained to diagnose, treat and mange a wide variety of surgical conditions. They treat problems found in internal organs (digestive system, gallbladder, liver, etc.), as well as in soft tissues (abnormalities of the breast, etc.). With further training, some general surgeons also have sub-specialties and perform surgeries for other areas of the body or specialized procedures.

Gynecology Providers

Providers specializing in gynecology are trained to diagnose and treat conditions that are unique to women (i.e. issues with reproductive organs and incontinence, irregular periods, etc.). At Mile Bluff, gynecologists consult with patients, conduct diagnostic testing and perform surgeries. Practitioners with additional training in incontinence issues are considered urogynecologists.

Hospital Medicine Providers

At Mile Bluff, hospitalists work in partnership with primary care providers to meet the medial needs of patients while they are in the hospital.

Internal Medicine Provider

Internal medicine physicians work solely with adults. Whether it's for general health concerns or a complex illness, internists use their training to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. Through disease prevention and the promotion of healthy living, internal medicine providers help patients understand why wellness is important.

Pregnancy Care Providers

At Mile Bluff, many family medicine providers are also trained in obstetrics (pregnancy care). Expecting mothers can rest assured knowing that the team of pregnancy care providers will be there throughout pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery.

Providers who offer prenatal care services, include:

Providers who offer prenatal care and delivery, include:

Anesthesia Providers

Mile Bluff's anesthesia team is made up of certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). CRNAs are advanced practice nurses with specialized graduate-level education in anesthesia and pain management. At Mile Bluff, CRNAs work with patients throughout their entire surgery experience. They constantly monitor every function of the body and modify anesthesia as needed to ensure a patient's safety and comfort.

Orthopedic Surgery Providers

Orthopedic surgeons evaluate and treat patients for conditions that affect bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles found throughout the body. Conditions can range from arthritis and tendinitis to fractures, sprains and muscle tears. Common orthopedic surgeries performed at Mile Bluff include: total knee and hip replacements, ACL repairs, carpal tunnel release and rotator cuff repair.


Pediatricians specialize in the development and care of children, and the treatment of diseases that affect children. Pediatricians perform wellness checks, diagnose and treat acute care issues (such as respiratory infections, colds, headaches, abdominal pain, etc.), and also diagnose and manage conditions like ADD/ADHD. Pediatricians treat patients ages birth to 18.

Podiatry Providers

Mile Bluff's Podiatry team is highly trained to treat your feet, ankles, and lower extremities.

Sleep Medicine Providers

Physicians who specialize in sleep medicine assess and diagnose sleep disturbances and disorders. Mile Bluff employees diplomates of the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Initial consultations with providers are conducted at Mile Bluff Clinic. If a study is ordered, it will take place at the sleep lab in the homelike environment ofTerrace Heights apartment complex, next to the medical center. To review the findings of a sleep study, a follow-up meeting with a sleep physician will be scheduled at Mile Bluff Clinic.

Visiting Specialists

Mile Bluff brings additional services to patients in Mauston through partnerships with several other medical organizations. Specialists from various medical fields visit Mile Bluff regularly. Referrals are often needed for these services.