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Routine & Specialized Lab Tests in Juneau County

Laboratory services at Mile Bluff Medical Center are performed by specially-trained professionals using state-of-the-art instrumentation. The laboratory conducts a broad range of tests that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease, as well as the assessment of patients' health. A wide variety of laboratory services are available in Mauston. During the week, routine lab tests (blood sugar, thyroid, cholesterol, protime, etc.) are also available in Lake Delton and New Lisbon.

Scheduling Tests

Your personal healthcare provider will order diagnostic tests based on your examination and health history. Your healthcare provider will determine if you need any lab tests completed, and will discuss any special instructions with you. Lab testing is available on a walk-in basis for outpatients.

Test Results

After your lab tests are complete, your healthcare provider may contact you by mail or phone, or may ask you to schedule an appointment to discuss test results. Lab test results are confidential and cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Please contact your healthcare provider if you have any questions regarding your results.

Test results can be found on your patient portal.

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