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Easy-Access Colonoscopy

Fast Track Screening Tool Available in Mauston

As you age, the number of health screenings that your provider recommends is likely to increase. One of those suggested tests is often a colonoscopy, which is recommended as early as age 45 to screen for colorectal cancer.

To help make getting these procedures more convenient, Mile Bluff has the easy-access colonoscopy. This is an option available to individuals who are otherwise healthy, and are in need of a screening colonoscopy. The easy-access option does not require patients to schedule and attend the usual clinic visits before the procedure.

Historically, colonoscopy procedures have been scheduled after a visit to a primary care provider. Then, two additional clinic appointments would be required - one with a general surgeon, and the other again with the primary care provider. For patients who qualify, the easy-access colonoscopy saves time and money by eliminating the need for two of those clinic appointments.

If it is time for you to have a screening colonoscopy, you can ‘apply’ to see if you are eligible for this process. If approved, your procedure will be scheduled. If, however, it is determined that it would be safest for you to have a provider review your medical history and assess your current condition, a pre-procedure appointment will be scheduled first. This will help to determine the best and safest way to meet your health needs.

For more information about easy-access colonoscopy, or to see if you qualify, call Mile Bluff Clinic at 608-847-5000. You can also download an application to submit.

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