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Convenient Medication Packaging at Mile Bluff Pharmacies

It can be a challenge to keep track of multiple daily medications. The more you take, the more difficult it can become to keep them organized, and remember how much, when, and how often to take them.

Blister packaging is a service in which prescriptions are heat-sealed between a cardboard backing and a plastic bubble sheet. Each morning, noon and night blister pack holds medication for up to 31 days, and can hold up to eight pills per day. Each blister pack is labeled with day, date, time to be taken, and the medications contained in the package.

Convenient & Cost-Effective Service

Blister packaging makes it easier to remember to consistently take your medications at the right time. This can improve your health outcomes and keep you safer. The convenience of the service allows you to get all of your medications for the month at one time. There is a small processing fee for the blister packaging service.

For more information about the blister packing services provided by Mile Bluff Pharmacies, call 608-847-5949.

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