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Diabetes Education


Once diagnosed, successful diabetes management is largely up to you. Education and support through Mile Bluff’s Diabetes Self-Management Education program can help you take control of your diabetes. Almost all of diabetes care is self-care, so it is important to learn as much about diabetes as possible to be able to live a healthy and full life.

Whether you have just been diagnosed with diabetes or have been managing the condition for years, Mile Bluff’s nationally-recognized diabetes education self-management program will provide you with the self-care skills you need to care for your diabetes effectively. This program is provided to you on an individual basis, and through group education and support sessions.

Diabetes education is provided by a Certified Diabetes Care and Education specialist who will help you understand and mange your life living with diabetes. With support from this specialist and the knowledge gained from education, you can take an active role in your diabetes management. Having good control of your diabetes can prevent and/or delay short- and long-term complications of diabetes.

Diabetes education can benefit those who:

  • Have been recently diagnosed with diabetes
  • Have had diabetes for a while
  • Have poorly-controlled blood sugars
  • Have had or need a change in medications
  • Have good control of their diabetes and want to keep it that way

Mile Bluff provides what is needed to start you on your way to living an active, productive and healthy life... with diabetes! For more information about this program, call 608-847-1848.

Diabetic Eye Checks

A diabetic eye check is a key part of your diabetes care. Everyone with diabetes is at risk of developing eye disease. Screenings can detect damage to the eye before you notice any changes to your vision. This early detection helps to prevent vision loss. Yearly diabetic eye checks are recommended by the American Diabetes Association. The tests can be done by receiving an eye photo test at any Mile Bluff clinic location.

You will need an eye photo order from your primary care provider to receive this test. If you are already at the clinic for an appointment, you can often get tested as a walk-in patient that same day. You are also welcome to call any Mile Bluff clinic location to make an appointment.

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