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Birthing Center

Birthing Center & Pregnancy Care in Mauston


When it comes to your pregnancy and birth plan, having access to a modern facility that can handle most any concern for you and your baby is important. Mile Bluff’s respected professionals combine high-quality care and genuine attentiveness, remembering you are a neighbor, and not just a patient.

We value all the special moments that happen during your pregnancy: attending checkups, hearing the baby’s heartbeat, meeting your baby through ultrasound, and even learning the baby’s gender – if you choose. Mile Bluff has a state-of-the-art facility, and also has a heart of its own. Our skilled and compassionate team is devoted to the well-being of you and your baby. Excellent prenatal care, comfortable birthing suites, and post-partum support are available at Mile Bluff.

The birthing center at Mile Bluff offers a collaborative relationship with you from before pregnancy, and continuing after your baby goes home with you.

Unmatched Prenatal, Birthing, & Maternity Care in Juneau County

Family-Centered C-Section: When your birth plan includes a C-section, the surgical procedure may be quite different from what you imagined for the birth of your baby. We understand how precious the labor and delivery process is for connecting you with your baby. In our family-centered C-sections, we alter the lighting, the draping, and other components in the room. These help to improve connection, provide a greater sense of participation, and give you that vital time of skin-to-skin contact after your baby is born.

Labor and Delivery Tubs: Warm water immersion/hydrotherapy during labor is an option for comfort, mobility and privacy. Women with low-risk pregnancies, who are generally healthy, may find that using our tubs helps with relaxation and reduces the need for other methods of pain relief.

Waterbirth - Waterbirth offers a unique option for labor and delivery. In addition to the calming and relaxing effects of water, mothers can move easily into positions that work for them during labor without the need for medical interventions. Water provides baby with a warm, gentle environment to transition into life outside of the womb. Women who are experiencing a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, are encouraged to discuss waterbirth options with their pregnancy care provider prior to delivery.

Maternity Care Resources: We want Mile Bluff to be the one stop you make for all your questions and concerns – from the time you learn of your pregnancy until after you take your baby home. Classes for parents, breastfeeding support, online learning, infant care, community resources and more are offered through Mile Bluff.

Mile Bluff - The Intersection of Compassion and Excellence

At our birthing center, you will find a home for questions, concerns, and milestones – for you and your baby. Our highly-rated professionals, ranking well above the national average, infuse kindness and attentiveness into your care.

Call 608-847-1013 to learn more or to schedule a tour of the birthing center.

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