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Mauston Elder Care & Services

Senior Services Available Throughout Juneau County

Our healthcare needs evolve as we age. Access to great medical care is often a deciding factor in where we live. Mile Bluff strives to offer a full array of services that address your individual needs so you can continue a full and meaningful life here in Juneau County.

Dementia Care

Memory issues as we get older are common and do not necessarily mean we have dementia. However, when they become more concerning, an evaluation at our memory clinic can help pinpoint the underlying issues. Based on your diagnosis, our team will review options for treatment, which may include medications or healthy lifestyle recommendations.

Learn more about the Memory Clinic or call 608-847-5000 for more information.

Retirement Apartments

Maintaining a home and its grounds can be a lot of work, even for those who once enjoyed these chores. If you are 62 years or older, Terrace Heights Retirement Community can take those duties off your hands. When you make Terrace Heights your home, we make maintenance-free living your reality. Picture a life with no more shoveling heavy snow, mowing the lawn, cleaning out gutters, fixing leaky faucets, and repairing late-night emergencies.

Get an inside view or call 608-847-2377 to schedule a tour.

Assisted Living

Mile Bluff - Crest View Great Lakes CBRF is an assisted living facility located in Crest View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. It houses 12 residents, with licensing for advanced age and early Alzheimer's/dementia. Great Lakes provides a home-like environment to promote socialization and interaction between residents. Those living in the unit have access to their own kitchenette, dining/activity room, living room and laundry area. There is also a secure patio area for walking, gardening, and enjoying the outdoors.

Learn more about our Assisted Living or call 608-562-3667 for more information.

Nursing & Rehabilitation Care

Deciding to place loved ones in a skilled nursing facility is never easy, even when it is clearly in their best interests. Fortunately, the compassionate and knowledgeable team you have trusted throughout your life is here for you at this pivotal time. Mile Bluff owns and operates two nursing and rehabilitation centers. We have dedicated and compassionate staff members who treat residents with respect, and work to ensure that their stays are as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

  • Crest View houses 60 residents, and offers private rooms and double rooms with private living quarters and a common bathroom. The facility has a special wing devoted to caring for those with Alzheimer's and dementia. Respite care for caregivers is also available for short stays.
  • Fair View is a 60-bed hospital-based skilled nursing facility. Residents have immediate access to 24-hour emergency care, therapy services, specialists and more. The facility serves those needing long-term care, and also offers short-term rehabilitation for those recovering from an injury or surgery.

Care You Trust, People You Know

Everyone at Mile Bluff believes in honoring every phase and stage and of a person’s life. Whether you are ready to put away your lawn mower or you need more intensive care, we offer options right here in your community.

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