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  • Very friendly and helpful!

    "I called in the afternoon because I was having a lot of pain in my knees. I was able to talk to one of the orthopedic staff, Erica, who recommended I come in to be seen. She was able to get me in right away the next day. Very friendly and helpful!"

    - Submitted by Anonymous
  • Prompt, polite, answered all my questions.

    "Was seen at Urgent Care in Mauston facility for eye injury(metal in eye). Despite obvious covid hurdles and being at full capacity at 9am on a Sunday morning I was treated very respectfully by all staff i encountered. Was sent to triage immediately and appreciated the option to sit in parking lot as opposed to waiting room while waiting for an available room. Care provider was very gentle with treatment and she just did a really great job in general. Prompt, polite, answered all my questions, seemed genuinely concerned for my health and recovery, etc. etc. I honestly am not one to give feedback, but i really want her to get recognition for taking such good care of me. If you're reading this Ashlie thank you very much. Also I did do the follow up monday morning at eye doctor lol. I'm doin good."

    - Submitted by Ashley
  • Dr. Max was kind and considerate.

    "After being at other facilities ER departments and leaving finding no answers to my questions I was at Mile Bluff ER this morning and had an excellent experience. Dr. Max was very helpful and went above and beyond to find out what was happening with me. Although my diagnosis will require another visit to my PCP (also a Mile Bluff provider), the fact that I had an answer when I left the ER was quite a relief. Dr. Max was kind and considerate and was very helpful in coordinating my future care. He should be commended for his bedside manner and his commitment to his patients. I would recommend his care to anyone."

    - Submitted by Scott Gollmar
  • These are quality, essential traits in every area of medical care!

    "Recently, when I have needed to come in for an appointment at Mile Bluff/Mauston clinic, as well as call in to speak with my provider, I was greeted by the same receptionist in person and on the phone. When you're going through any difficult time, especially regarding your health, it is reassuring every time someone treats you with compassion, puts in extra effort, and shows they care about you. This receptionist greeted me with a cheerful smile, made eye contact, and made me feel like I was there with friends. On the phone her voice was clear, patient and kind. She even said not to worry about calling in with questions, "That is what we are here for." These are quality, essential traits in every area of medical care!"

    - Submitted by Michele
  • Cathy Kidd takes the time to listen.

    "Cathy Kidd takes the time to listen and provides excellent care for my family and myself. Took the time to perform a minor procedure in her office rather than sending me elsewhere. Valuing my time, solving my problem and making my everyday life better. The staff are excellent as well."

    - Submitted by Robert Doyle
  • Thank You all so much!

    "The whole staff in the cardio-rehab unit went above and beyond to help me with my recovery. From starting there shift a little earlier to accomidate my schedule to following through with my doctor to change a dosage on one of my meds. this was a great team effort! Thank You all so much!"

    - Submitted by Duane Stickney