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Mile Bluff’s healthcare team is committed to helping our youngest patients thrive in childhood and beyond. We provide personalized, compassionate care for patients from birth to adolescence. Children have unique needs when it comes to their health, and we are here to support them as they grow.

Pediatrician Provides Care to Area Children

Doctor Ryan Plamann

Doctor Ryan Plamann, provides pediatric medicine services in New Lisbon and Necedah. He specializes in the development and care of children from birth to the age of 18. Doctor Plamann performs wellness exams, diagnoses and treats acute care issues and chronic disease, and provides assistance to help manage conditions like ADHD/ADD.

To make an appointment with Dr. Plamann, call New Lisbon Family Medical Center at 608-562-3111 or Necedah Family Medical Center at 608-565-2000.

Well-Child Visits & Sports Physicals

Parents are encouraged to make regular appointments for their children to assess development, prevent or detect illness/conditions, and help establish healthy habits.

Well-child visits include a physical exam, as well as immunizations and age-appropriate screenings. Most insurance plans, including BadgerCare, cover the cost of well-child visits; however, please contact your insurance carrier to confirm the specifics of your plan.

In order to participate in school sports, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) requires that all student athletes undergo a sports physical prior to participating in their sport of choice. These physicals are done to ensure that students are healthy for their age, and can safely participate in school sports. Visit WIAA to find the necessary forms required for your student athlete’s sports physical. Please bring any forms that require a provider’s signature to your child’s appointment.

If you are looking for a new healthcare provider for your children and/or family, please list the provider directory to learn more about the healthcare team at Mile Bluff.

Helping Children Communicate with the World

Parents eagerly await their children’s first words; however, speech and language development can sometimes be delayed. Most ‘late’ talkers 'catch up' by the time they are age two; but if language delays continue, the speech therapists at Mile Bluff can address these issues.

If you have concerns about your child’s speech and language development, call 608-847-1414 to set up a consultation with Mile Bluff's speech and language pathologists.

Empowering People who Care for Your Children

When placing your children in the care of others, you may not always think about the medical emergencies that may arise. However, whether a sitter or grandparent is taking your child to a pre-planned appointment or to urgent care when you are out of town, it is important that you give the temporary guardian(s) written permission for taking your child in for treatment.

In order for individuals under the age of 18 to be seen at a medical facility, state law requires that a parent or legal guardian provide permission for treatment – except in a few very specific situations. In life-threatening situations, care will be provided to the child no matter what.

When you head out of town or ask someone else to take your child to an appointment, there is some key information you should give your sitter in case medical care is required while you are away.

  • An emergency form or letter
  • A list of medications your child takes
  • Medical records or a medical care plan developed by the child’s primary care provider or a specialist, especially if the child has a chronic medical condition or other special needs
  • Extra medication or medical supplies, if your child requires any
  • Phone number of your child’s primary care provider
  • Insurance information

While written consent may seem unnecessary, it is very important when your child is in need of medical care. Unlike daycares and schools that require emergency consent forms and contact information be filed, grandparents and sitters do not have that legal consent form or proper information unless you provide it for them.

If children are brought to Mile Bluff or to UW Health Specialty Clinic by someone other than their legal guardian or parent, they will be turned away if they do not have a consenting letter or if the legal guardian cannot be reached by phone to provide verbal permission for treatment (unless it is an emergency situation).

By adhering to state law, Mile Bluff is ensuring the safety of children under 18, and also making sure legal guardians and parents always know when their child is receiving medical treatment.

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