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Obstetrics & Gynecology

The changing needs of a woman, whether she is a teen or a mature adult, requires extensive knowledge of every aspect of female reproductive health. Our experienced providers, nurses and staff members listen to your concerns and answer your questions. They also provide innovative treatments, therapies and services to address all aspects of your health. Our gynecology team focuses on your overall health, no matter your stage of life. Our obstetrics experts target issues that arise before, during, and after giving birth.

Mile Bluff provides personalized care and attention for a woman’s most personal needs and concerns, from pregnancy to menopause and beyond.


There are times when seeing your primary care provider is appropriate, and there are female-specific concerns that you may want to have addressed by one of our experienced gynecologists. No periods, light or heavy periods, pelvic pain, breast tenderness and urinary incontinence are all good reasons to schedule an appointment. Establishing a relationship with your gynecologist early on is helpful. That history gives your provider a more complete picture of how to best approach both preventive care and treatments for conditions and infections.


Let us help guide you from the time you are thinking about having a baby to when you are taking your little one home.

Birthing Center: We support all the ways families wish to welcome their new baby – whether you want to experience water birth, or want an alternative to an epidural for pain management. Our thoughtful and caring birth team believes pregnancy, labor, and delivery should follow the mother’s wishes, whenever safely possible, and never be limited to a one-size-fits-all plan.

Great Care Is Nearby

As the only hospital in Juneau County, Mile Bluff takes great pride in offering our neighbors a wide range of top-rated healthcare services. We will continue to innovate and to maintain your trust.

Learn more about Mile Bluff by calling 608-847-1013 or by emailing through our online contact form.

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