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Family-Centered C-Section


For moms who have a planned, non-emergent C-section, we offer the family-centered C-section. We slow down the traditional surgical method, and add various comforting elements to enhance family bonding throughout the birthing experience.

Since it is a surgical procedure, a family-centered C-section follows the rules and safety protocols of the operating room. However, the approach allows women with low-risk pregnancies to have some additional control over their deliveries.

Some of the options available for your family-centered C-section include:

  • Walking to the operating room in place of being transported on a hospital bed
  • Lowered lights in the surgical suite
  • Hearing the music of your choice during your experience
  • Using aromatherapy for comfort and relaxation
  • Delaying the clamping of the umbilical cord so you can hold your baby sooner

One major difference is in the surgical draping that is placed between mother and baby. Instead of one solid blue drape, a two-layered drape is utilized. During the initial stages of the procedure, the blue drape is used. When it’s time for delivery, that drape is lowered, and a clear portion remains so that mom can see her baby coming out of the womb. Then, within a few minutes after birth, baby is placed on mom’s chest to begin skin-to-skin contact.

Instead of feeling disconnected from her birth experience, and waiting to see her baby in pictures taken by her support person, a mother is given the option to see her baby being born, and to bond with her newborn almost immediately. These adjustments help to transform the C-section from feeling like a major surgery, to feeling more like a natural birth experience.

While the birth plans of most expecting mothers will not have to include a C-section, some will. Regardless of how a woman welcomes her baby at Mile Bluff, the pregnancy care team does everything it can to make each birth as beautiful and personalized as possible.

If you know that your upcoming birthing experience will include a C-section, talk to your pregnancy care provider to see if family-centered C-section at Mile Bluff is right for you.

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