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Midwife Care

Providing Primary & Pregnancy Care to Women


The term ‘midwife’ means ‘with woman.’ Certified nurse midwife care is available at Mile Bluff for women at all stages of life. As advanced practice nurses, midwives can do all of the things an OB/GYN or family medicine provider can do for low-risk pregnancies. Whether it is working with a teenage girl during puberty, helping a college-aged student through her first gynecologic exam, or assisting a first-time mother through pregnancy, midwives are focused on supporting and empowering women as they make healthcare choices.

Midwife services include:

  • primary care for women
  • pregnancy care and delivery
  • postpartum care
  • annual gynecologic exams
  • birth control/contraception management
  • infertility issues and concerns
  • gynecologic care (UTIs, STIs)
  • menopause management
  • lactation and breastfeeding support
  • more

Highly Educated & Trained

Certified nurse midwives are registered nurses with graduate education in midwifery. They have graduated from an accredited nurse midwifery education program and passed a national certification exam. Midwives provide general healthcare throughout a woman’s lifespan, and are able to prescribe medication and treatments for patients.

The Special Midwife Connection

With a mission to empower women in healthcare decisions and to a provide a safe space for care, midwives bring a unique sense of compassion, mutual respect and companionship to pregnancy and the overall women's health experience. The addition of midwifery allows Mile Bluff to further enhance the pregnancy care program and women’s health services that the family medicine and gynecology team has already established.

Midwives & Childbirth

From preconception to delivery and postpartum care, certified nurse midwives at Mile Bluff follow low-risk patients throughout pregnancy. Prenatal care is provided in the clinic setting and when its time to deliver, midwives help mothers through labor in Mile Bluff's birthing center in Mauston.


Using a ‘high-touch, low-intervention’ approach, midwives support expecting mothers through labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Following personalized plans, midwives make every attempt to abide by patients’ wishes throughout the birthing process, as long as the health and safety of the mother and baby are preserved. Midwives are well versed in using natural pain relief techniques, and will support mothers if they want to use an epidural or other pain management options.

Midwives provide care for low-risk pregnancies. If a problem should arise during labor, a midwife can immediately access a partnering obstetrician. Depending on the circumstances she may simply consult with the doctor and proceed. If intervention such as a c-section is needed, the midwife will stay with her patient as the doctor performs the delivery.

After delivery, the midwife attends to the new mother's medical and emotional needs and helps the new family adjust to baby.

To make an appointment with a certified nurse midwife for primary care, pregnancy care, or lactation support, call Mile Bluff Clinic at 608-847-5000 or New Lisbon Family Medical Center at 608-562-3111.

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