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Cancer Care

Chemotherapy & Support Services in Mauston

A cancer diagnosis can stop you in your tracks. The uncertainty of what the future holds affects everyone differently, but there is one thing most cancer patients have in common – the desire to receive cancer support close to home in order to stay surrounded by loved ones and maintain as much normalcy as possible.

We understand the challenges of cancer treatment, and our cancer care program addresses many of the physical and emotional needs of patients and their families as they work toward recovery. Our goal is to deliver the best care possible, and to provide whatever support you need.

What to Expect as a Cancer Care Patient

Mile Bluff partners with your oncologist and primary care provider. We deliver chemotherapy in private rooms that include comfortable treatment chairs, televisions, free Wi-Fi, private restrooms, and windows with a view. We also offer iPads for you to use, as well as room service if you need something to eat during extended treatments.

Chemotherapy is only one element of your cancer care at Mile Bluff. Our support services target your comfort and emotional needs during your treatment. Rice bags and blankets increase your comfort. Wigs, scarves, and hats can help you feel more like yourself.

Other support services include:

  • Symptom and pain management
  • Dietary referral/nutrition support
  • Vascular access device care
  • Social services
  • Hospice referral
  • Palliative care

Schedule Your Appointment with a Provider’s Referral

Chemotherapy appointments at Mile Bluff are available from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. If you are traveling in the area, you can also receive treatments, with prior notice from your primary care provider.

Mile Bluff's team of registered nurses works closely with patients' primary care providers, oncologists, and surgeons. Hospital pharmacists also work with the team to provide you with the best possible individualized care in Juneau County.

For details about Mile Bluff's cancer care services,
call 608-847-9877, or talk to your primary care provider or oncologist about a referral.

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