Jennifer Birdsey, PA-C joins Urgent Care team

In August, Jennifer Birdsey, PA-C joined the Emergency & Urgent Care Department at Mile Bluff.

Jennifer is eager to provide care to patients by helping with their immediate needs, and their overall health. “I really enjoy working with people and having conversations about how to improve their health, not only in the acute setting, but also preventative care,” says Jennifer. “I think having discussions about healthy lifestyle habits gives my patients the ability to better control their quality of life, and puts them in control of creating a better future for themselves.”

When patients come to urgent care, they may find a busy waiting room. Jennifer wants to ensure patients, that regardless of how busy the urgent care is, she will provide patients with only the best care.

“While the urgent care can be busy, I hope patients feel that they are working with someone who is attentive and truly listens to their concerns,” explains Jennifer. “I like to make sure that patients leave the urgent care feeling like they are pointed in the right direction to recovery.”

“Mile Bluff has a great sense of community. Patients and staff members have been so welcoming and supportive. Everyone here works toward the goal of creating a better and manageable future for their patients.”

Jennifer joins Mile Bluff after attending school in Savannah, Georgia. When not at work, Jennifer enjoys being active outside with hiking and playing volleyball.