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Foundation to fund nearly $70k in equipment purchases

Gifts from the heart

Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation supports the health of the community through educational events, scholarships, and the purchase of needed medical equipment. Your donations help make that possible. Despite the limited number of fundraising events held due to the pandemic, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation had a prosperous year thanks to generous donations from individuals and businesses. This has allowed the foundation to provide funding for the following equipment for the medical center.

Kaufman Speech Praxis Treatment Kit - $220 – Speech Therapy - This is a systematic treatment program that teaches children to simplify word pronunciation patterns, making it easier for them to communicate.

High Chair - $250 – Speech Therapy - When pediatrics patients are being seen for swallowing/feeding issues, this highchair will provide an appropriate setting for feeding evaluations and treatment sessions.

Mammography Capes- $1,651 – Medical Imaging - Mammography capes are designed to make it easy for patients to position themselves for a mammogram without having to remove or struggle with a regular hospital gown. The capes are easy for the technicians to work with and allow for a modest patient experience.

McGrath Mac Laryngoscopes (2 )- $2,250 – Emergency Department - This scope combines direct and video laryngoscopy into a single device designed to handle the unique challenges of airway management. This versatile tool allows staff to place a breathing tube more efficiently in an emergency situation.

PrimeTC Transport Chair - $3,303 – Med/Surg - Unlike most wheelchairs, the transport chair is designed for patient comfort. It’s also ergonomic and helps prevent back and muscle injuries experienced by healthcare staff transporting patients.

ABPI MD Kit & Cuff - $4,500 - Infusion & Cancer Care - Compression therapy is often used during wound care. This kit helps determine the appropriate level of compression, while insuring there is good blood flow throughout the patient’s body.

Brewer Exam Tables (4) - $6,232 – Mile Bluff Clinic - These exam tables keep patients comfortable, while allowing clinic staff to provide safe and efficient care.

Matrix Treadmills (2) - $8,092 – Health Promotions - Treadmills are the most requested piece of equipment in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. These replacement treadmills are state-of-the-art and even have WI-FI connectivity.

Porta Scan 3D Bladder Scanner & Stand - $8,428 – Crest View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center - This scanner will be used for residents at Crest View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. The scanner assesses bladder volume and helps to decrease the occurrence of bladder and urinary tract infections.

Kangaroo Chairs (2) - $10,000 – Infusion & Cancer Care - For patients undergoing infusion or chemotherapy treatment, these recliners provide the type of support and comfort needed by a patient undergoing long treatments.

Pediatric Crib - $10,716 – Med/Surg - When infants and pediatric patients require hospital or surgical care, a pediatric crib is often used. This new model incorporates a scale and has doors near each corner of the crib for easy access to a young patient.

Draeger Jaundice Meter (2) - $14,275 – Elroy Family Medical Center, & Obstetrics Department - A jaundice screening meter checks newborns for elevated levels of bilirubin without having babies undergo blood tests.

In total, the foundation will be assisting Mile Bluff departments with almost $70,000 in equipment purchases. It’s through the generous donations of community members and businesses that the foundation is able to make this possible. If you want to impact the health of the community through the foundation, call 608-847-1495 or learn more by visiting our website.