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Amy Bernards Provides Consultations for Cosmetic Dermatology in Mauston

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Mile Bluff Medical Center offers cosmetic dermatology services. If you have skin concerns, Amy Bernards, PA-C, is accepting new patients, and consultation appointments are available to help you understand what treatments may be right for you.

When you come into your cosmetic consultation, you’ll notice that the space has a different feel than a regular exam room. There will be music playing, there's a salt lamp, and it's a different vibe. "The consultation is quick and is a very safe place to ask all your questions; no question is silly," shared Bernards. This is a great time to talk about your primary skin concerns and what treatments are available to help. This is also a good time to go over your medical history and medications you're taking to determine what treatment is safe. "Once we decide what you’d like to proceed with, I will prep you so that you know what to do before you come into your appointment," said Bernards. "Then when you come back for the treatment; we just do the treatment," explained Bernards.

Mile Bluff has the cosmetic dermatology services you need to help improve your skin. To learn more, visit To schedule your consultation today, call 608-847-5000.