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First 2021 baby born at Mile Bluff

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familyOn Friday, January 1 at 12:02 am, Mile Bluff Medical Center helped welcome Quinn Aurora Dederich into the world as the first baby born at the facility in 2021! Perhaps the earliest New Year’s baby the facility has ever had, Quinn was eagerly greeted by her parents Amanda and James. Quinn weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and measured 21 ¼ inches long.

Being the couple’s second child, they expected Quinn to arrive earlier than her December 31 due date. However, as babies often do, Quinn had her own plans. “I came into the Birth Center for observation on December 31,” recalled Amanda. “I was going to be sent home since labor wasn’t progressing, but then things changed quickly.”

Helping Amanda through her delivery was Emily Walden, Mile Bluff’s certified nurse midwife. “Emily was amazing,” said Amanda. “I liked her holistic and patient-centered approach to care.”

“It was nice to feel like we had a personal connection with Emily,” added James. “We could contact her whenever we had concerns and she answered our questions even in between appointments. Throughout Amanda’s pregnancy, we had access to the care we needed and it was reassuring to have a ‘big city hospital’ in a small town like Mauston.”

As Amanda and James adjust to having a new little one, there is a big brother who thinks his new sister ‘popped’ out of mommy’s tummy. Due to COVID-19 visitor restrictions, big brother wasn’t able to come to the hospital to meet his sister, but he is eager to welcome her at home.

While it seemed like Quinn had the title of Mile Bluff’s First 2021 Baby in the bag, she was almost edged out of the competition by a little boy, Thomas Stanley, who was born at 12:50 am on January 1. Emily Walden, CNM, also delivered Thomas. Not only are these babies Emily’s first New Year’s arrivals, they are also the first boy and girl she has delivered within the same hour.

For earning the title of Mile Bluff’s first baby of 2021, Quinn received a VISA gift card from the medical center, a $25 savings account from the Bank of Mauston, a gift certificate for her first prescription from Mile Bluff’s Phillips Pharmacy, and 1-year subscription to the Juneau County Star Times.

Quinn’s middle name, Aurora, means dawn or new beginning. Quinn’s mom, Amanda, is Juneau County’s Public Health Officer and she certainly knows what a difficult year 2020 has been. This new little baby is a sweet promise of fresh start in the new year ahead.

Congratulations to Quinn and her family!