Leah Doughty, PA-C now providing care at Mile Bluff

Leah joined Mile Bluff in the beginning of November. She fills a new role as a physician assistant both in the acute care/hospital setting and in emergency/urgent care.

Leah is eager to serve patients at Mile Bluff. “This unique position will fit me well,” explained Leah. “I can do hands-on procedures, direct patient interactions, medication management, interdepartmental coordination of patient care, etc. I feel this is an amazing use of my training and my skills, and never a chance for me to get bored.”

Leah is beginning her career as a physician assistant at Mile Bluff, but she is no stranger to the medical community. Leah has made the transition to hands-on patient care following time spent in medical research and teaching, as well as serving as a CNA and phlebotomist. “Unlike research, I can directly impact my patients’ lives, and more importantly, increase their quality of care,” said Leah. “I am happiest in hands-on care, and reaching vulnerable patient populations. I can be the difference in someone’s life.”

When working with patients, Leah sees her job as not only providing the medical care, but also as being an advocate. “I don’t approach my role as a provider from an ‘us versus them’ mind-set,” explained Leah. “I am on the side that advocates for the patient being part of our team and being involved in their own care. I assist patients in learning about their conditions, and helping them take control of their care.”

Outside of work, Leah spends much of her downtime on puppy play-dates, and with her family and friends. She also enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, biking or jogging on nature trails year-round with her lovable little fur baby.

Welcome Leah!