Carla Lafferty thanked for almost 1,000 hours of service

The staff of Mile Bluff Medical Center would like to recognize and thank Carla Lafferty for her service.

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Carla now resides in the Juneau County area. For the past two years, she has been helping out in the transportation department at Mile Bluff through a government program called SER-Jobs For Progress. The program works with non-profit organizations to help train individuals in the work force who are at least 60 years old. “It is a great program for those who aren’t able to do laborious jobs, but still need a paycheck,” commented Carla. “They really make an effort to help a lot of people that would otherwise fall through the cracks.”

In the past year alone, Carla has accumulated almost 1,000 hours in Mile Bluff’s transportation department. From scheduling and book work, to organizing files and paperwork, she keeps herself busy. Being a former school bus driver, Carla has felt right at home in her current role. “When I found out that I had an opportunity to work in the transportation department, I felt that is was the perfect fit for me,” recalled Carla. “I like knowing that I am helping people in some way, even if it is just arranging rides for individuals to get to doctor appointments. I like being able to contribute.”

Even though she doesn’t technically work for Mile Bluff, she doesn’t consider herself a volunteer either. “I just like what I do and it’s fulfilling,” added Carla. “I often hear from patients that they prefer to use our services to transport them where they need to go, because our staff members are all so wonderful and conscientious. Patients appreciate that our drivers are always on time and that they keep their vehicles clean. Hearing these positive remarks makes me proud to be a part of the Mile Bluff organization.”

Outside of Mile Bluff, Carla and her daughter spend a lot of their time working with animals. They have four dogs and three cats that keep them busy. “Along with training dogs and going to dog shows with my daughter, the Carl W. Nelson Animal Shelter is a big part of our lives,” said Carla.

Mile Bluff is always accepting new volunteers to help make a difference. There is no experience necessary, just a desire to give your time and talents to those who are in need. Whether you are a high school student curious about what is offered in the medical field, or someone looking to stay active in retirement, there are a variety of options to choose from when volunteering.

If you are interested in joining Mile Bluff’s team of volunteers, or would like more information on the volunteer opportunities available, please call 608-562-3667 today. Individuals and groups of all ages - and even some dogs - are welcome!