Sleep kits available to hospital patients

Studies reveal that a calm and quiet environment helps to promote rest and healing. As a result, controlling noise levels in a hospital setting is an important intervention for supporting recovery. While it would not be safe to stop all sounds in the care environment, it is a priority of Mile Bluff’s inpatient team to keep noise levels as low as possible.

In 2016, Mile Bluff formed a group to focus solely on finding ways to continually enhance the inpatient experience. Among other projects, the team identified an opportunity to improve noise levels in and around the patient room at night. Through the group’s efforts, quiet zones and quiet times have been established, and sleep kits have been made available to all those who find themselves staying in the hospital overnight.

When individuals experience sleep disruptions, their heart rate and brain wave activity increases, and restful sleep decreases. Mile Bluff’s team makes every effort to enhance the quality of sleep for its inpatients, in order to promote rest and a better recovery.

The kits include various items and tips that help contribute to a relaxed and restful sleep, such as earplugs, a sleep mask, essential oils, etc. Patients are also able to request an aromatherapy diffuser with eucalyptus, lavender or orange essential oil, as well as a sound therapy machine that plays six relaxing sounds: ocean surf, flowing stream, rain shower, white noise, a summer night and a gentle wind.

Whether you find yourself needing hospital care, or visiting someone who does, keep this simple concept in mind: silent hospitals help healing.