Tom, Nora Scully change lives with Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation

Since 1971, Tom and Nora Scully have made Lyndon Station their home. Retired from the family business - the Scully Oil Company - Tom and Nora now enjoy being involved with several community initiatives and groups. One organization Nora works closely with is Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation.

How have you been involved with Mile Bluff and the foundation?
Three of our four children were born at the old Hess Memorial Hospital, and we have always received excellent healthcare at the medical center for our kids, ourselves, and Tom's parents. I was privileged to be on the Board of Directors during the time that the current hospital and clinic were being built.

I joined the Friends of the Foundation when that group was initiated, and have been involved with the foundation ever since then.

Why do you support the foundation?
The importance of good medical care close to home has been very obvious to us. The foundation supports and enhances the good care provided at the medical center in many ways. Whether through tuition assistance for our healthcare professionals, community healthcare programs, or raising money for equipment purchases, the foundation truly supports the medical center so it can provide compassionate and progressive care.

Is there one foundation contribution that really stands out to you?
It would be easy to name a piece of equipment, but I think a more important accomplishment of the foundation is how the group has gotten community members and medical center employees working together to reach common goals.

I look around the table at a Friends of the Foundation meeting and see that the majority in attendance are employees of the hospital. These members work hard to raise enough money through employee payroll donations and various in-house fundraisers to support the foundation. They are committed to the foundation and donate their time to see the foundation thrive.

What would you say to others about the importance of supporting the foundation?
Tom and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have local citizens become involved in the foundation. They can convey the health needs and priorities of the community to the foundation.

The Friends of the Foundation welcomes new members from the community, and I urge people to get involved with the group. If you want to continue to have top-notch healthcare in your community, you have to do your part! Golf in our outing, purchase raffle tickets, make a donation, or join the Friends of the Foundation. You can make a difference!

What is your hope for healthcare in our community in the future?
We hope that Mile Bluff Medical Center continues to operate in a sound manner so that we can provide healthcare to everyone in our community, including those who cannot afford the entire cost of their care.

We hope that Mile Bluff continues to attract outstanding healthcare professionals who can deliver up-to-date medical care beginning at birth and continuing through dignified, supportive end-of-life care.

If you'd like to give like Tom and Nora...
You can learn more about our foundation or call Martha at 608-847-1495. You can also give online.