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Foundation seeks new board members

In 2023 Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation is looking to renew it's board of directors. This group of community volunteers is essential to the foundation's ability to achieve its vision – to transform patient care and to secure Mile Bluff’s future. Members of the board have the responsibility of contributing to our fundraising goals, governing the foundation, and being good stewards of the foundation’s funds and taking ownership in its overall performance.

The experience of serving on the board is meant to be rewarding and offer opportunities for personal growth and accomplishment.

Why is a board of directors important? Big-picture, long-term strategy and oversight is essential to the success of the foundation. A board acts as a safeguard to community and donor interests, and also adds credibility to the foundation. The group brings significant experience, insight and accomplishments in business and philanthropy to the table.

A board helps the foundation team step back from the daily operational tasks and focus strategically on direction. Rather than just being a “rubber-stamp,” an engaged board takes a lead role in devising strategies, ensuring that the foundation is aligned towards its and the medical center’s strategic goals, while monitoring the execution of these strategic plans.

Each board member brings with them a wealth of experiences and networks, both personally and professionally. Pulling from that expertise, board members support the foundation in making community connections and building a strong base of philanthropy.

A board also helps to provide, maintain and review a system of rules, principles and processes by which the foundation is directed and controlled. It also helps to ensure the foundation is following the guidelines as outlined by the federal government. The board’s corporate governance provides a framework for balancing the expectations and interests of the donors/stakeholders in the foundation.

If you believe in the mission of Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation and the importance of ensuring the future of local healthcare, we want to hear from you.  For more information and to apply for the Board of Directors, contact Katie at 608-847-2735 or