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Foundation names new director

Katie Nuttall, foundation director

Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation has recently named Katie Nuttall as the new foundation director. Katie is a Mauston-native and has been a member of the Mile Bluff team since 2011.

During her time in the Public Relations Department, Katie worked closely with providers and medical center departments to promote healthcare services in the community. She also assisted retired foundation director Martha Airth-Kindree in planning events, connecting with donors, and making a difference in local healthcare.

“I am very excited about my new role here at Mile Bluff,” said Katie. “In the last 10 years the foundation has done wonderful things. I am looking forward to continuing the foundation’s mission in my hometown and in the surrounding communities.”

Growing up Katie always knew she wanted to find career with an organization that helped others and she found that at Mile Bluff. “My favorite part about healthcare is the human connection,” explained Katie. “Our team is walking alongside our patients with compassion, empathy and support. We celebrate patients’ health successes, mourn their losses, and help them navigate the complex world of healthcare. I’m so proud of the care and compassion that our Mile Bluff team gives to patients every day.”

As she settles into her new role, Katie is eager to connect with the community. “I’m looking forward to getting back to holding education and fundraising events,” said Katie. “These have always been great opportunities for the community to connect with local health resources and the foundation.”

Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation was established in 2010 with a mission of fostering charitable giving that supports the vision of Mile Bluff Medical Center. The foundation is a non-profit organization that uses all donations to support to the health of the community. This is done by suppling medical equipment for the hospital and clinics, providing healthcare scholarships and training, and holding community education classes and events.

Katie understands that it is sometimes hard to see why a medical center would need the financial support of a foundation. “Healthcare is expensive for everyone involved. Patients have the expense of paying for medical bills, and health organizations have the expense of providing care services,” remarked Katie. “When it comes to supporting the foundation, I would challenge people to think about what would happen if Mile Bluff didn’t exist.”

Katie continued, “Mile Bluff is more than just a band-aid station. We offer so many services that keep patients close to home when they need care. When you contribute to the foundation, you are directly impacting the care that is provided here and are giving patients access to exceptional local healthcare now and in the future.”

Outside of work, Katie enjoys spending time with her husband, Jason, and their children. While much of her time is spent supporting her children’s activities, Katie enjoys creative and outdoor projects, playing piano, and drinking a good cup of coffee while reading a good book.

Katie is looking forward to connecting with area businesses, civic groups, and others who are interested in supporting local healthcare. For more information about Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation, visit or call Katie at 608-847-2735.