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Certified nurse midwife care now available at Mile Bluff

Emily WaldenMile Bluff is pleased to announce that a certified nurse midwife has joined the healthcare team! Women can receive primary, prenatal, obstetric, and gynecologic care from Emily Walden, CNM, IBCLC, MSN/Ed.

Meet Emily

Emily joins the family medicine and pregnancy care team as a certified nurse midwife. Coming from a busy midwife practice in Iowa, Emily is excited to establish the midwifery program at Mile Bluff.

From a young age, Emily has always been fascinated with the human body, babies, and birth. She remembers coming home after school to watch ‘A Baby Story’ or ‘Life in the ER’ on television. That inspiration, coupled with a mentorship from a local midwife, only confirmed Emily’s calling.

“I love being a midwife. It’s not just a job to me,” said Emily. “Midwifery is a true passion of mine, and I love everything that comes with it.”

Outside of the clinic, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters, as well as knitting and reading. Before Emily focused on patient care, she was an opera major in college. Much to her daughters’ dismay, Emily still likes to sing around the house and play piano.

Midwifery is more than pregnancy care

While a large portion of Emily’s job is providing pregnancy care to expecting mothers, Emily also helps women of all ages as a primary care provider.

Certified nurse midwives are registered nurses with graduate education in midwifery. They have graduated from an accredited nurse midwifery education program and passed a national certification exam. Midwives provide general healthcare throughout a woman’s lifespan, and are able to prescribe medication and treatments for patients.

“As an advanced practice nurse and a certified nurse midwife, I really get the best of both scenarios,” explained Emily. “I have the opportunity to listen to, educate, and empower women as I help them on their health journey.”

“The term ‘midwife’ means ‘with woman.’ I am here to help women at all stages of life,” explained Emily. “I can do all of the things an OB/GYN or family medicine provider can do for low-risk patients, except [perform] c-sections.” Whether it is working with a teenage girl during puberty, helping a college-aged student through her first gynecologic exam, or assisting a first-time mother through pregnancy, Emily is focused on supporting women as they make healthcare choices.

Certified nurse midwifery is new to Mile Bluff, but the field has been growing in popularity across the nation. Knowing that patients were looking for local midwife care, Mile Bluff felt the time was right to expand its already-diverse women’s health options. The addition of midwifery allows Mile Bluff to further enhance the pregnancy care program and women’s health services that the family medicine and gynecology team has already established.

In addition to providing primary and pregnancy care in the clinic, Emily will deliver babies at Mile Bluff’s birthing center in Mauston. Using a ‘high-touch, low-intervention’ approach, Emily will support expecting mothers through labor, delivery, and postpartum care . Following personalized plans, Emily will make every attempt to abide by patients’ wishes throughout the birthing process, as long as the health and safety of the mother and baby are preserved. Having delivered hundreds of babies, Emily will support and empower women through the birthing experience. She is well versed in using natural pain relief techniques, and will support mothers if they want to use an epidural or other pain management options.

Breastfeeding support

Emily is also an international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). It is important to remember that even though breastfeeding is ‘natural,’ it still requires the learning of skills. Consistent, evidence-based, scientific, and active support from an IBCLC can help mothers achieve success for however they choose to feed their babies. As an IBCLC, Emily combines medical evaluation, evidence-based medicine and consistent lactation support to address breastfeeding challenges.

Call for appointments

Emily thinks the best approach to patient care, is one that she looks for when choosing a provider for her own care. “I want someone who listens to me, and understands the choices I make for my body and what I want for myself,” said Emily. “As a provider, I help my patients feel like they are safe, and have a place to find the care they need for themselves and their bodies.”

Emily continued, “I always tell patients, they are driving the boat and I’m just helping guide you to the best course to go. I try to provide the most evidence-based family-centered care that I can.”

Before making an appointment with Emily, patients are encouraged to contact their insurance provider. Most major insurance carriers do cover certified nurse midwife services. Emily will begin seeing patients in mid-February. To make an appointment with Emily for primary care or pregnancy care, call Mile Bluff Clinic at 608-847-5000.