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3D Mammography now available at Mile Bluff

3d mammo teamMile Bluff is pleased to announce that 3D mammography is now available at the medical center in Mauston. This new screening test is the latest advancement in early breast cancer detection.

3D technology provides clear, detailed images, regardless of breast tissue density. The accuracy of the images allows radiologists to detect smaller cancers sooner, and also decreases the chance of false-positive results and call-backs for additional imaging tests.

Mile Bluff’s machine, the Senographe Pristina by GE, not only provides clear, enriched images for diagnosis, it also has features that enhance the patient experience.

When women talk about mammograms, often times you hear about their fear that a mammogram will hurt, their anxiety because they have had a false-positive exam in the past, or their worry about the potential results. That is why Mile Bluff invested in the Senographe Pristina, and SensorySuite – because a woman shouldn’t fear a test that could save her life.

The machine itself has been designed to change the patient experience with mammograms. Pristina offers rounded corners, thinner image detectors and arm rests that promote relaxation and decrease muscle tension.

The SensorySuite stimulates three of a woman’s senses – scent, sight, and sound – to help reduce discomfort, pain, and anxiety. In the exam room, the environment is mimicked with air infused with light, calming fragrance, as well as soothing videos and photos with relaxing sounds. The nature images have been shown to reduce anxiety and promote calm, while music stimulates the production of stress-relieving chemicals in the body.

The new machine also features Pristina Dueta, technology that provides women with comfort and a sense of control. Guided by technologist supervision, women can now achieve the compression that is right for them. Dueta, the new patient-assisted compression feature, enables a woman to be an active participate in her exam, while helping to reduce anxiety.

“We’re really excited to provide this technology at Mile Bluff,” said Chelsea Cook, Director of Medical Imaging. “We hope that by helping women relax during their exam, and giving them the option to work with our technician to set their own compression, we can get superior quality images without causing added discomfort, or stress for our patients.”

With the new equipment, Mile Bluff is now able to provide stereotactic biopsies in Mauston. When a lump or questionable area is discovered in the breast, a biopsy can help to assess if breast cancer is present. Using 3D mammography to pinpoint the suspicious area, a radiologist can perform a stereotactic biopsy to take a sample of breast tissue to be tested for cancer cells.

Previously, Mile Bluff did not have the capabilities to perform these biopsies, and patients would have to travel elsewhere for the procedure. Now, when a stereotactic breast biopsy is needed, patients are able to stay close to home with a healthcare team they know.

“With the latest advantages in technology, 3D mammography really is the best breast cancer detection tool that is available at this time,” said Chelsea “Since 3D captures individual layers of tissue, it yields 30 to 80 times more images. It does a better job of detecting cancer, and makes it easier for the radiologist to identify normal breast tissue.”

This new equipment was made possible in part by donations from generous community members and businesses. Through the events organized by Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation, over $61,000 was contributed to help make this life-saving technology available in Mauston.

While appointments can be made for a mammogram, walk-in screening mammograms can also often be accommodated in Mile Bluff’s Medical Imaging Department. If you would like to use this option, please call 608-847-6161 to learn the availability that day. In order to utilize walk-in mammograms, patients need to have established care with a provider and be free of any specific breast cancer concerns.

On Thursday, February 13 from 5-7:30 pm, the Medical Imaging Department will be hosting a “Galentine’s Day” event. Area women (and men) are invited to help us celebrate women, our new 3D mammography machine, and women’s health. Those who attend can tour the new 3D mammography suite and learn more about the equipment, all while enjoying light refreshments, mini manicures, massage services and more.

For more information about 3D mammography here, or talk to your primary care provider.

Caption: Mile Bluff’s mammogram technicians celebrate the arrival of 3D mammography at the medical center.