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Access to physical therapy experts is available without referral

What is direct access?

Direct access allows patients to see a physical therapist without an order from a medical provider.
Historically, when someone sustained an injury, an appointment with a primary care practitioner was required. That provider would then refer the individual to rehabilitation services; and that is when an appointment with a physical therapist could be made. Because the time it takes to work through this process is valuable time that could be better spent in treatment of acute injuries, direct access is available.

This process eliminates the need for extra steps to be completed before patients can receive the help they need. The sooner physical therapy is started, the quicker patients can get back to being their best. That is why Mile Bluff's rehabilitation services team is excited to offer this convenience.

Who is direct access for?

This is meant for those who experience muscle injuries such as the softball player who twists a knee, the gardener who hurts his/her back, the hiker who sprains an ankle, or the volleyball player who strains a shoulder. Direct access is not meant for those who have issues that are associated with a major condition (stroke, lymphedema, etc.) that may require more long-term assistance.

Although the hope is to have this convenience available to all who would benefit from it, direct access is only covered by certain insurance carriers at this time. Currently, Medicare and Medicaid do not provide coverage for direct access.

Why choose Mile Bluff?

Having the option of direct access is one reason to choose Mile Bluff. Another big benefit to rehabilitation patients is the fact that their therapists, medical providers and other specialists are on the same care team...and are often right in the same building. If an individual needs to be seen by a specialty physician, or receive an X-ray or other diagnostic testing services, comprehensive care is conveniently available to them all in one place.

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If you have an acute injury, direct access to Mile Bluff's physical therapy services saves you time and money, by cutting out the need for extra appointments. The rehabilitation services team can get you in quicker, help you feel better faster, provide you with better outcomes, and deliver exceptional service. For more information about the services available, visit Rehabilitation Services, or call 608-847-1422. Rehabilitation services are available in Mauston, New Lisbon and Lake Delton.