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Mile Bluff provides ‘Caring For You Kits’ to local schools districts

Dara Bartels, Mile Bluff President/CEO

Across the country, cases of COVID-19 continue to decrease. With masking mandates and other regulations lifted, everyone is eager to return to ‘normal’ and connect with those around them again.

While a healthier season is on the horizon, it is still important to take steps to protect the health of the community. To help local families navigate the world of COVID variants and other seasonal illnesses, Mile Bluff Medical Center has started distributing ‘Caring For You Kits’ to local school districts in Juneau County.

These kits are meant to help families prevent illness, protect others during an illness, and to provide immunization education. ​Over 2,500 kits are being assembled as supplies come in, and are being distributed to students in the Mauston, Royall, Necedah, New Lisbon, and Wonewoc school districts.

“Mile Bluff is here to support area residents in more ways than just through the healthcare we provide,” said Dara Bartels, Mile Bluff President & CEO. “Keeping our communities healthy is important, and we take great pride in extending our care beyond the walls of our organization.”

Whether they are sick themselves or are missing school because family members are ill, children continue to be academically impacted by COVID and other illnesses. To support young learners, their families, and the overall health of the community, Mile Bluff wanted to do its part to make sure children can maintain safe and healthy classrooms and homes. That is where the Mile Bluff's ‘Caring For You Kits’ come in.

“It is good to see COVID numbers coming down,” remarked Bartels. “What's great about these kits is that they contain basic care items for things like colds and the flu. It's not just about COVID.”

The kit is designed to serve as an extra helping hand to keep students, and their families, safe and healthy during times of illness. It contains over-the-counter ​supplies like hand sanitizer, masks, a digital thermometer, dry-mix Pedialyte, oximeter, and basic disinfecting supplies. The kit also addresses 'life beyond the pandemic' by providing immunization schedules, general information about what to do when ill, and proper handwashing education.

“When a child is sick, the impact is felt throughout the household. However, that illness can also impact the greater community,” said Bartels. “Other siblings can fall ill. Classmates can get sick and share their illness with their own families. If parents need to stay home, employers experience an impact on their labor force. The ripple-effect of an illness is ongoing.”

Bartels continued, “With the ‘Caring For You Kits,’ our intention is to keep families healthy by providing education and household supplies that may reduce stress on families when illness strikes.”

These kits are made possible by funding provided to Mile Bluff through HRSA's Rural Health Clinic COVID-19 Testing and Mitigation Program.

Caption: Mile Bluff's President/CEO Dara Bartels helps deliver 'Caring For You Kits' to Olson Middle School Principal, Jack Hammer.