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Mile Bluff shares good news about changes coming to New Lisbon

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On Tuesday, December 20, Mile Bluff’s CEO Dara Bartels took time out of her holiday schedule to host a community forum in New Lisbon. She presented information about the organization’s strategies, provided updates on the remodeling taking place in Mauston, and announced some changes that will be coming to New Lisbon.

Sometime in the new year, Mile Bluff’s Raabe’s Pharmacy will move from downtown, into New Lisbon Family Medical Center. The transition is being made in response to workforce shortages, the age and condition of the current pharmacy building, and an offer made by a local business to purchase the facility.

This change will bring about the return of Saturday pharmacy hours in New Lisbon, and will help to address some recruitment issues. In addition, moving to the new location will allow for the service to be enhanced with the added convenience of a drive-through for prescription pick-up. As for the downtown building, it will be refurbished by the Fun Company, and will continue to be used to support local business.

Mile Bluff currently offers pharmacy services at three of its other clinics – in Mauston, Elroy and Necedah. A technician is on-site to dispense prescriptions and sell over-the-counter products. And, through video conferencing equipment, patients are connected with a pharmacist from Mile Bluff’s Phillips Pharmacy to review medications and have questions answered.

There are a lot of details that need to be worked through before the changes can go into effect in New Lisbon. Those include the final sale of the downtown facility and the remodeling of the clinic, as well as the plan for retaining all of Raabe’s current employees within the Mile Bluff system. There is no timeframe set for this all, but plans will be shared as they are made moving forward.