Ted Weitz, MD joins Emergency Dept.

The staff at Mile Bluff is pleased to welcome Ted Weitz, MD to the healthcare team. He provides care in the Emergency Department at Mile Bluff Medical Center.

Doctor Weitz has always been attracted to medicine. Serving as a medic in Israel starting at the age of 13, Dr. Weitz’s love of medicine has never wavered.

“I just really love what I do,” said Dr. Weitz. “As a physician, you make a difference and you live your life in a way that contributes to the community. To me, that is very satisfying.”

With his experience providing emergency medicine and pediatric medicine, Dr. Weitz appreciates that he can bring his cross-training together in the Emergency Department at Mile Bluff.

“I really enjoy seeing immediate results when I help patients,” said Dr. Weitz. “In emergency medicine, you often only have seconds to determine what is going on with patients before making decisions about what is best for them.”

While quick decisions are often necessary, Dr. Weitz still finds time to listen to patients and their family members. “In patient care, I think the most important thing is listening,” explained Dr. Weitz. “When you read Harrison’s Textbook of Medicine, it states that 80 percent of diagnoses come from what the patient will tell you if you listen, 15 percent come from the physical exam, and the remaining five percent is determined by the tests we perform. If the patients are going to tell me what is going on with them, I need to start by listening.”

In his spare time, Dr. Weitz likes to travel and see different cultures. As a pilot, he enjoys flying experimental aircrafts. He has also taken an interest in learning how to cook vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Mile Bluff would like to welcome Dr. Weitz to the team.