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Patient Portals

Patient Portals

In order to provide you with as much access to your health information as possible, two portals are needed for the two separate computer systems within the Mile Bluff organization. You must be 18 years or older to sign-up for portal access.

Meditech Portal (Hospital)

Not enrolled? Self enroll here.

This portal provides you with details about outpatient services and hospital stays. In this portal you can pre-register for select hospital/outpatient visits/appointments, update personal information, review some of your laboratory and X-ray results, and view and request select appointments. Outpatient services provided at Mile Bluff Medical Center include: audiology, cancer care, cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes education, laboratory, medical imaging, respiratory therapy, sleep medicine, speech pathology, surgical services, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Patients can also pay their hospital bills through the Meditech portal.

Patients can also self-enroll for a Meditech/hospital and outpatient services portal account. Please note, in order to complete self-enrollment, you will need to know your medical record identification number. To receive your medical record identification number over the phone by calling 608-847-6161, and verifying your birth date and email address.

If you are looking for some assistance in navigating the Meditech portal, here are some quick tips to help you find the information you need.

If you are in need of a text-only version of your patient portal, you can access it here.

NextGen Portal (Clinic)

Not enrolled? Self enroll here.

The NextGen/clinic portal connects you to information from your clinics visits. In this portal you can view and request clinic appointments, ask questions about clinic bills, and request and view electronic clinic medical records, and laboratory and X-ray testing results. Mile Bluff clinics include: Delton Family Medical Center, Elroy Family Medical Center, Mile Bluff Clinic, Necedah Family Medical Center, and New Lisbon Family Medical Center.

In addition to signing up for a portal at any Mile Bluff outreach facility, patients can also self-enroll.

Read the NextGen Portal Tutorial to learn more about using the portal.

Proxy Access

No one is automatically granted access to another person's portal information.

Proxy access cannot be granted online. Consenting patients must fill out proper paperwork and submit the forms at any Mile Bluff registration area. If you are interested in gaining proxy access for an adult whose medical care you manage, please fill out proxy request form or contact the Health Information Department at 608-847-1855.

Your health information all in one place

MyLinks helps you gather, manage, and share all of your personal health records from one secure location, for free. You can even retrieve records from other organizations to save all of your health information in one place. Enroll in Mile Bluff’s patient portals to take advantage of the additional benefits MyLinks offers. Visit to sign up today!

If you have any questions about how to use the portal or have any concerns accessing your information, please contact the Information Technology Department at 608-847-2959.