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Price Transparency

Making Informed Medical Decisions

At Mile Bluff, we are committed to providing you with exceptional, affordable medical services. To help you make informed decisions about your healthcare, you can call us, or request a price estimate online.

Where Do I Call?

You can call our hospital billing division at 608-847-6161 (option 3), or our clinic billing division at 608-847-5000 (option 4). When you do, please have the following items available

  • Patient name, contact information, and insurance information
  • Name of the provider who ordered the test/procedure you want an estimate on
  • The test/procedure you are requesting an estimate for
    You can provide the healthcare category, description of service and/or the CPT/HCPCS/DRG code(s) associated with the test/procedure (the codes are available from the ordering provider, and will provide you with the most accurate estimate)

What services can I request estimates for?

Estimates can be provided for non-emergent services that are scheduled in advance (ex: imaging and laboratory tests, medical and surgical procedures, outpatient clinic visits, etc.).

What is an estimate?

An estimate is the predicted amount you and/or your insurer will have to pay for medical services. The estimate is based on our charges and your insurance plan benefit. While we attempt to provide accurate estimates, we cannot guarantee an exact estimate, nor do we have authority over your insurer’s policies regarding payment for medical services.

What charges are included in an estimate?

Most hospital services result in both facility and professional fees. Your estimate will contain the facility fee, as well as the items commonly included with the service (supplies, an average amount of contrast materials used in imaging scans, etc.). There are times, however, when some professional fees are not included in your estimate. While we can include the fees associated with the professional services delivered by Mile Bluff’s providers, we cannot estimate the fees that visiting specialists (outside physicians, pathologists, radiologists, etc.) may charge you. To get an estimate of those professional fees, you will need to contact your independent healthcare provider’s office.