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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about the Capital Campaign

What is the "For You. With You." campaign?

Our community campaign entitled, “For You. With You." is a $5 million project that will help fund the renovation of the former Shopko building in Mauston. Now referred to as the “Gateway Building,” it will provide more than 26,000 square feet of space that will serve as the new home to Mile Bluff’s Mauston dialysis unit, urgent care clinic, and Mile Bluff Pharmacies (formerly Phillips Pharmacy).

Along with this renovation, another important initiative will be taking place. Currently, Mile Bluff’s emergency department and urgent care share a space at the main hospital campus. As the need for emergency services continues to grow, and patients request more convenience from urgent care, Mile Bluff is eager to give each department its own space. Once urgent care services move to the Gateway Building in the late summer of 2024, remodeling will begin in the Emergency Department. Although the design for this department is still in the planning stages, a new floor plan for the Emergency Department will provide more space for patients, a more efficient set-up for staff, and increased security and comfort for all.

What are the project priorities?

Given the growing demand for robust, convenient healthcare services, Mile Bluff believes the time is right to undertake new projects. Doing so will enhance the care Mile Bluff currently provides, and position the organization to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow.

Through the remodeling of the Gateway Building and Emergency Department, the remodeling project with focus on these priorities to improve patient outcomes and overall quality of care available at Mile Bluff.

  • Increase patient privacy, accessibility and comfort
  • Strengthen services and amenities for patients and their families
  • Secure the future of Mile Bluff Medical Center for the health of the region

Mile Bluff Medical Center can build more space and add to its services, but is there enough qualified staff members to be able to offer more?

The remodeling of the Gateway Building/Emergency Department is focused on relocating our current services to bigger spaces so our current staff can work more efficiently and safely to care for patients.

While Mile Bluff Medical Center recognizes staffing challenges in our community, we have worked hard to build a strong reputation and culture that people want to be part of. With advanced recruitment strategies, constant evaluation of workflow, and competitive salaries and benefit packages, we are confident we have qualified team members to staff these buildings.

Built to improve patient accessibility, create better work-flows for staff, and increase storage, new spaces will allow the Mile Bluff team to function efficiently and effectively while continuing to provide excellent care. Equally important, a modern space will help attract new providers and skilled professionals who want to work for a forward-thinking healthcare organization.

If the hospital has a foundation for fundraising, why is a capital campaign needed?

A capital campaign, by definition, is an intense effort on the part of a nonprofit organization to raise significant dollars in a specific period of time. The For You. With You. campaign is a large-scale focused fundraising effort spearheaded by Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation to raise funds to support these remodeling projects.

I was not aware that Mile Bluff Medical Center was a non-profit organization. Can you explain the financial structure of the hospital and the foundation?

Mile Bluff Medical Center and Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation are both registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. While they share this designation, they are separate entities with separate governance boards. To maintain the 501(c)(3) status granted by the IRS, not-for-profit organizations must use income and excess revenue to reinvest into their organizations and the communities in which they serve. This differs from for-profit entities, who use their excess revenue to distribute money amongst their shareholders.

Why is Mile Bluff asking the community to support this project? Don’t they have enough money?

Healthcare is a unique industry. While patients see the high-costs of medical expenses, that does not always translate into high-profits in the non-profit healthcare world. In today’s current business environment, a 2% net operating margin would be very healthy, but healthcare organizations across the country often operate below that. Net operating margin is a term used for the revenue left over once all of the operating expenses are paid.

In healthcare, a 2% operating margin means that for every $100 medical bill patients pay, approximately $60 goes toward paying for the costs of doctors and staff. Another $20 goes towards paying for the medications and supplies we use to take care of the patient. Buying medical services, paying for waste disposal, utilities, and upkeep on our current buildings takes up another $18. This leaves approximately $2 out of every $100 paid to us left over to reinvest into long-term projects, large building renovations, etc. As a non-profit organization, Mile Bluff is covering our ‘normal’ reinvestments, but to do large, one-time projects like Gateway, community support is appreciated.

If Mile Bluff were a for-profit organization, the scenario above could be much different. We could cherry pick who we saw and what services we provided such that there would be a lot more money left over, but large needs in the community would go unmet.

How will this campaign impact the foundation’s annual fund?

The annual fund may be impacted by donors redirecting their gifts to the capital campaign, but typically the total percentage lost is quite small. Campaigns are an exciting, time-limited endeavor that can connect and re-engage donors in a way that is positive for an annual fund after a campaign concludes.

Will you have named giving opportunities?

Yes, named giving opportunities are available at many levels. You can contact Mile Bluff Foundation Director, Katie Nuttall at (608) 847-2735 to discuss named giving options.

How can I make a gift to the campaign?

Mile Bluff Medical Center will accept one-time or multi-year pledges online, face-to-face, or through the mail. If you choose to pledge a gift out, we will accept a three- to five-year pledge.

What will happen to my gift if the campaign does not reach its goal?

We are confident that the campaign will be successful. All gifts will be used for their given purpose.

While we are being mindful of our budget and making fiscally responsible choices, if the campaign does not reach its full fundraising goal, project budgets will be reassessed and plans will be scaled accordingly. Your gift will still support the overall project, but the hospital will have to cover other costs through alternative financing or reevaluate certain features of the project.

Will hospital services be reduced during the project?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. At this time, we do not see hospital services being reduced during this project. During Phase 1, Dialysis, Urgent Care, and Mile Bluff Pharmacies will continue to operate in their current locations. Once remodeling is complete, these services will move into their new homes. During Phase 2, the Emergency Department will remain operational.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation at 608-847-2735.