Foundation Initiatives

Foundation Initiatives

You Decide Where Your Donation Goes

Unrestricted funds are given to the foundation to be used for the greatest areas of need. However, if you would like to make a donation to a specific foundation cause or fund, see the list below for some giving opportunities.

COVID-19 Relief Fund

As with many businesses, Mile Bluff Medical Center has been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Once you and your loved ones are secure, please consider making a donation to the COVID-19 Relief Fund. A monetary gift gives the hospital the flexibility required to confront changing needs as the pandemic unfolds. This health emergency will, hopefully soon, end. We want to be sure that Mile Bluff is in the best possible position to provide excellent care close to home once the pandemic passes.

Equipment Fund

Contributions to this fund are used to purchase vital medical equipment needed at the medical center and its outreach facilities. The medical center annually invests an average of $1.5 million to upgrade and replace equipment, and to purchase new technology. This fund helps to offset some of those costs.

Building Fund

Contributions to the building are applied toward necessary medical center construction, expansion and remodeling.

Carol Purvis Education Fund

This fund was created in honor of former Mile Bluff Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Carol Purvis. It provides incentives to Mile Bluff employees who are considering advancing their career in healthcare, and who are committed to Mile Bluff and serving the community.

Nurses Helping Nurses

This program was established after Mile Bluff's nursing staff expressed interest in helping other nurses continue their education. The program provides scholarships and other assistance to those who have an associate's degree in nursing, and would like to obtain a bachelor's degree or higher.

For more information about donation and giving options, call 608-847-1495 or e-mail mairth-kindree@milebluff.com.