Nikki Turner: Proud to be part of the Mile Bluff Medical Center team

Since 2002, Nikki Turner has been a member of the Human Resources (HR) team at Mile Bluff. As an HR generalist, Nikki’s main focus is employee benefits. She connects new employees with the benefits they are eligible for, and answers any questions employees may have about insurance and 401(k)s.

“I don’t do patient care, but I like to think that what we do in the Human Resources department is helpful,” says Nikki. “Insurance and other benefits are complicated topics, and I’m glad to take care of things so our employees don’t have to worry about it.”

Nikki first came to Mile Bluff after the Hardee’s she worked at closed. As a manager there, she was familiar with HR duties, but had never considered HR as a career path to take.

“I had never thought about working at a hospital,” recalls Nikki. “A friend told me about a position at Mile Bluff, and the timing was right for me. I’m really glad it all worked out with Mile Bluff because I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

One of the biggest changes Nikki has witnessed in her time with the organization, is the number of people Mile Bluff employs. As one of the biggest employers in Juneau County, Mile Bluff greatly impacts the community beyond just providing healthcare services.

“We have over 750 employees,” says Nikki. “I don’t remember at what point in my time here that we surpassed 500 employees, but I think our growth shows a commitment to our communities.”

Having grown in her position at Mile Bluff, Nikki enjoys seeing other employees develop in their careers. “There are so many different opportunities for everyone here, not just in patient care,” says Nikki. “Once you start working at Mile Bluff, you can be anything. We often see people move around within the organization, whether it’s a different department or a different position.”

Nikki has appreciated the relationships she’s formed with her fellow team members. “I don’t think of the others in my department as co-workers; we’re family,” explains Nikki. “We go through things together and we’re so close. Mile Bluff, as a whole, is one big family.”

“When someone asks where I work, I’m really proud to say that I am part of the Mile Bluff team,” says Nikki. “The services we offer here are amazing, and I really think we impact the health of the community. It really is a wonderful place to work.”

Nikki is just one of the many individuals who is proud to be an employee at Mile Bluff Medical Center. In an effort to share the stories of these people, each quarter the organization will highlight a staff member who is willing to share his/her story. If you are looking for a great place to work, check out our job openings.