Foundation awards scholarships

The cost of pursuing higher education can make it difficult for individuals to advance their schooling, especially when working. However, with the assistance of Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation and the Carol Purvis Education Fund Scholarship, the burden of higher education costs is a little lighter for Mile Bluff employees and students.
The foundation provides Mile Bluff employees with an opportunity to apply for the Carol Purvis Education Fund Scholarship. The program was designed to provide incentives and encouragement for students, adult learners and professionals, to consider a career in or advance their careers in healthcare. Recently, Rebecca Oetzman and Morgan Seitz were presented with awards from the scholarship fund.

Rebecca Oetzman
Rebecca Oetzman, Director of Accounting at Mile Bluff, received a scholarship from the foundation to aid Rebecca as she pursues her master’s of healthcare administration.

“This degree is providing me with an administrative view of healthcare, and how the various aspects of each department can function together to ensure that Mile Bluff continues to provide high-quality care,” explained Rebecca.

As she pursues her degree, Rebecca is grateful for the support she has received from the foundation. “The support of the foundation has been great,” said Rebecca. “Getting any type of degree is expensive, so every bit of assistance through scholarships goes a long way. The scholarships I have received have decreased the amount of money I have had to borrow in financial aid.”

Morgan Seitz
Morgan Seitz is a phlebotomist in the laboratory of Mile Bluff Medical Center. She is currently pursuing her associate’s degree as a medical laboratory technician.

Once she obtains her degree, Morgan will be working as a lab technician at Mile Bluff. Instead of collecting blood and other specimens, Morgan will be testing the materials collected from patients. “I love working in the Mile Bluff lab, and I will continue to do so even when I am done with school,” said Morgan. “I find the things that we do in the lab really fascinating. I like knowing that even though I will not be directly dealing with patients all the time, I will still have an impact in the care they receive.”

As a single mother, Morgan is grateful to the foundation for the financial support as she pursues her degree.

If you would like information on making a donation to Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation through the Carol Purvis Education Fund Scholarship, please contact Martha Airth-Kindree at 608-847-1495 or Contributions make it possible for individuals to pursue further education in the healthcare field.