Mary Crowley changes lives through the foundation

Mary CrowleyAs a life-long resident of Juneau County and a 45-year employee of Mile Bluff Medical Center, it’s safe to say that Mary Crowley is a loyal and dedicated member of our community.

Mary, along with her family, has given her time to many community organizations. As our communities grow, Mary feels it is important to support the groups who give back to the health and wellness of community members. With this in mind, Mary felt it was important to be a part of Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation.

What has your involvement been with the foundation?
I started by working with a group of community members to plan the very first Women’s Night Out before Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation was even formed. When the foundation was formed and took over Women’s Night Out, it just seemed like a natural transition. Now I also help with Tweens’ Night Out and Nurses Helping Nurses.

Why do you support Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation?
The funds provided to the foundation can do things that go beyond what the medical center can do within the operating budget, and I think that is really important.

Working in the Emergency Department (ED) for all those years, I know that education and preparation can avert so many things that people deal with. The ED serves a very important purpose, but if we can help people not have to even go there in the first place, that makes everyone’s lives a little easier.

If we can support those opportunities for good health and decision making through the foundation, or we can use the foundation money to do projects and fund equipment that go beyond the medical center’s means, I think it just benefits everybody.

What would you say to others in our community about the importance of supporting the foundation?
Participating in foundation activities or supporting the foundation financially, is just another way to invest in the health of the Mile Bluff patients who make up our communities.

I come from the mindset of always thinking about doing ‘the right thing.’ Investing in the foundation to support healthcare, is just another one of those ‘right things.’ To me, being able to live in rural Wisconsin and have a healthy, happy family is a great thing, and I believe Mile Bluff plays an important role in that. Supporting the foundation is supporting our community.

What is your hope for the future of healthcare in our community?
Juneau County is located within two hours of three large healthcare organizations. People certainly need specialized care that those bigger facilities can provide, but the more people that we can keep in this area the better. If Mile Bluff can provide more specialty services, it reduces the travel time for patients, as well as time away from work and the financial impact of going to appointments further away. If we are able to keep those patients in our community rather than sending them out, we are helping to more easily integrate the need of healthcare into their lives.

I really hope Mile Bluff continues to stay independent so we can bring specialty providers to town from a number of outside organizations, rather than just one. This will allow us to continue to provide the best care possible to our residents.

If you’d like to give like Mary...
Call Martha at 608-847-1495 for more information. You can also make donations online!