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Choosing an OB Provider

Who you choose to guide you throughout your pregnancy is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. The experienced family medicine doctors and certified nurse midwife are the core of Mile Bluff’s pregnancy team. All are highly trained and can partner with you from before you are pregnant until after your baby arrives.

A few things to know about delivery at Mile Bluff:

  • While our team of doctors can care for mothers who have both low- and higher-risk pregnancies, our certified nurse midwife partners with mothers who have low-risk pregnancies.
  • A midwife is typically with you during much, if not all, of your labor. The midwife will help you through various techniques to ease labor, and will coach you through the stages. In comparison, a delivering doctor will check in on you throughout your labor. Nurses will also be monitoring you and your infant’s progress and health. The nurses will keep your doctor informed as your labor progresses and your doctor will arrive when your labor becomes more active.
  • All midwives are trained to recognize problems that might occur during pregnancy and delivery. If your risk of complications increases during labor, a family medicine doctor will be called in. If you unexpectedly require a C-section, your midwife will stay by your side and assist with the delivery, providing support along the way.
  • While many midwives are advocates for natural childbirth, a common misconception is that they will not give pain medications to a woman in labor. Midwives can indeed prescribe medications and provide an epidural for pain relief if that is your preference during labor.

Our mission at Mile Bluff is to provide you with the highest quality care possible, no matter who delivers your baby. We encourage you to choose a provider you will be completely comfortable with, who meets your personal care needs and desires.

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