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Birthing Center

Mile Bluff Birthing Center

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Pregnancy is an exciting time in life for expecting mothers and fathers. As parents wait for the arrival of their new bundle of joy, certain questions about pregnancy and what to expect while expecting can arise. Mile Bluff Medical Center's Obstetrics Department and team of pregnancy care providers can help during this exciting and uncertain time.

Pregnancy Care Providers

As a new life begins, our team of pregnancy care providers supply parents with the answers and care they need. Expecting mothers can rest assured knowing that their doctor or midwife will be with them throughout pregnancy and in the delivery room.

Pregnancy care services are available at our clinics in Elroy, Mauston, Necedah, New Lisbon, and Wisconsin Dells. Midwifery services are available at Mile Bluff Clinic. At Mile Bluff, many family medicine providers are also trained in obstetrics (maternity care).

Learning Opportunities

Mile Bluff provides a full-day education program for expecting parents. During the class parents learn how to prepare for childbirth, what to expect during delivery, how to care for a newborn, and what to expect after returning home from the hospital. These classes are available throughout the year in Mauston. See the calendar of events for class availability.

Expecting parents are also invited to tour the birthing facility at Mile Bluff Medical Center in Mauston. This is a great way to see what birthing options are available locally. See the virtual tour here.

Delivery at Mile Bluff

Here at Mile Bluff, new moms deliver in birthing suites that are designed for labor, delivery, recovery and post-birth care. The homelike setting allows mother and family to participate in the birth, with the assurance that the state-of-the-art equipment is being used for a safe delivery.

At Mile Bluff, the obstetrics team strongly encourages skin-to-skin contact during the first hour following baby's arrival. The staff will do everything it can to honor, cherish and protect this special time for new families.

For moms who have a planned, non-emergent C-section, we offer the family-centered C-section. We slow down the traditional surgical method, and add various comforting elements to enhance family bonding throughout the birthing experience.

Pain Management

At Mile Bluff, we support the decisions and choices of all mothers. Our experienced team of nurses utilizes natural relaxation methods to ease the labor process. If laboring mothers would like to utilize other pain management options, certified registered nurse anesthetists are available to discuss and administer epidurals and IVs.

Nitrous oxide may also be used at Mile Bluff as a safe pain management alternative for laboring mothers.

Breastfeeding Support

Combining medical and lactation support, our goal is to help mothers and babies achieve success however they choose to feed their baby. When a mother is breastfeeding, she may encounter obstacles or challenges. If this happens, it is important to remember that even though breastfeeding is 'natural,' it still requires the learning of skills. When help is needed, lactation consultations are available at Mile Bluff Clinic with our international board-certified lactation consultant.

For more information about Mile Bluff’s Birthing Center or to schedule a tour call 608-847-1013. To make an appointment with a pregnancy care provider please call one of our outreach facilities.