Gifts at Work

Gifts at Work

Fundraising for Medical Equipment in Juneau County

In addition to having small, unique fundraising events, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation holds several large fundraisers throughout the year, including the annual golf outing and Women’s Night Out. These events not only raise funds for the foundation, they also spread awareness about the organization's mission.

With the money raised each year, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation is able to purchase needed equipment for the medical center, provide scholarships for healthcare students, and organize community events.

Annual Reports:

Approved equipment purchases for 2019 - $66,352

MegaCode Kelly - $13,010

Awarded to: Education Department

MegaCode Kelly is a training manikin that will provide learners with more realistic situations (breathing sounds, heart sounds, pulse, etc.). At Mile Bluff, there are 369 nurses, CNAs and technicians who would utilize this manikin to improve life-saving skills and care that directly impacts patients.

Midmark 647 Podiatry Chair - $7,000

Awarded to: Wound Care

This treatment chair will be used in Mile Bluff’s wound care clinic. This chair not only makes treatment more comfortable for older individuals and those with various health conditions, but it also helps the staff to provide care in an even more ergonomic and safer manner.

Accuvein Illuminator and Stand - $6,989

Awarded to: Infusion & Cancer Care Department

The illuminator will assist in finding the veins of infusion and chemotherapy patients. The more IV attempts a patient undergoes (whether successful or unsuccessful) the higher the risk for developing scar tissue, which also eventually makes IV starts more difficult overall.

2 Nara Bassinets - $6,446

Awarded to: OB Department

These bassinets will replace some of the ones currently being used in the maternity care and delivery suites. Nara bassinets are designed to allow babies to be closer to their mothers when they’re in bed. The height of the bassinet is adjustable, giving moms easier access to their babies following delivery.

2 Body Mechanics Wheelchairs - $6,000

Awarded to: Emergency Department

These ergonomically-correct chairs are designed to prevent back and muscle injury related to transporting patients. The wheelchairs will be used specifically to transfer patients between ER, Medical Imaging and Respiratory Therapy.

L8 18i Hockey Stick Ultrasound Probe - $5,760

Awarded to: Medical Imaging

This tool allows for testing to be conducted in small areas of the body. It can be used for various medical imaging tests, interventional procedures, biopsies and scans.

Blanket Warming Cabinet - $4,821

Awarded to: Medical Imaging

A warm blanket is a great way to provide comfort and reduce anxiety for patients who are undergoing tests and treatments.

Pocket Panic Buttons - $3,597

These panic buttons will be carried by care staff, so help can be requested from anywhere throughout the medical center.

Bariatric Scale with Handle - $3,082

Awarded to: Elroy Family Medical Center

This will provide extra support rails for anyone who has trouble standing without assistance.

Broselow Pediatric Resuscitation System - $2,275

Awarded to: OB Department

This cart will aid in rapid response efforts for pediatric patients needing emergency intubation.

2 Standard Titan Draw Carts - $2,198

Awarded to: Lab

These carts help to improve infection control as lab staff transports needed supplies to patient rooms when collecting blood.

2 Charging Stations - $1,390

These will be available in main lobby areas for visitors. They can charge their devices when they do not have their own chargers with them.

Clinton Training Stairs - $1,240

Awarded to: Acute Care/ Rehabilitation Services

This small adjustable staircase will be used in the inpatient setting for patients who need to practice and/or learn how to go up and down stairs in a safe way, prior to discharge.

Air & Oxygen Blender - $1,050

Awarded to: Respiratory Therapy

To help patients who are having breathing issues, this equipment will make sure the right blend of oxygen is being delivered to patients.

2 Arterial Core Thermometers - $646

Awarded to: Mile Bluff Clinic

These thermometers scan a patient’s forehead to provide immediate results. These are especially nice for infants and toddlers.

Auditory Steady State Evoked Response software - $350

Awarded to: Audiology

An auditory steady state response test can help assess hearing in people who cannot voluntarily respond to pure tones. The software would be used for infants and young children, children with special needs, and individuals with worker’s compensations cases.

iPad - $300

Awarded to: Social Services

The tablet will be used for patient education and information collection. The larger screen will be ideal for patients with vision issues.

Buzzy - $198

Awarded to: Medical Imaging

Buzzy is used to block pain during needle stick procedures, especially in pediatric cases. Buzzy uses a combination of cold and vibration to dull pain receptors.