Gifts at Work

Gifts at Work

Fundraising for Medical Equipment in Juneau County

Throughout the year, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation raises funds to support the programs and services Mile Bluff provides to the community. The foundation gives individuals and businesses the opportunity to take an active role in impacting healthcare locally. The funds raised are put toward community events, scholarship programs and equipment purchases.

As a not-for-profit organization, the foundation wants to be transparent with donors about how funds are used. Below you will find the organization's annual reports as well as a list of our approved equipment purchases for the coming year.

Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation is grateful for the support of donors and the community!

Annual Reports:

2020 Purchased Equipment - $65,727

Lucas 3 Chest Compression System - $17,753

Awarded to: Emergency Department

This piece of equipment provides automatic, safe and effective chest compressions for CPR. During an event, it also reduces stress on the medical team and reduces the risk of injury to the staff and the patient.

Beckman Coulter Aution Eleven - $9,776

Awarded to: Lab

This urine analyzer will provide reliable urinalysis testing when the main instrument is not available.

Perfusion Software - $8,750

Awarded to: Medical Imaging Department

The use of CT Perfusion Imaging has recently become the standard of care in assessment of emergent stroke patients. Perfusion Imaging “unlocks” the extended time frame for stroke therapy. It helps identify patients who would benefit from endovascular therapy and a bigger facility.

Isolation & Replacement Bedside Carts (3) - $7,832

Awarded to: Emergency Department

These new carts are especially important during COVID to meet isolation PPE containment. The carts also increase staff efficiency when responding to an emergency.

HoyerPro Elevate Sit-to-Stand Scale - $4,997

Awarded to: Acute Care

This safety lift engages both patient and staff in the lifting process during patient transfers.

Blanket Warmer - $3,762

Awarded to: Fair View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Having a blanket warmer helps to keep residents comfortable after their baths and also during the cold Wisconsin winters.

Automatic BP Cuff/Machine - $3,445

Awarded to: Health Promotion

Automatic BP cuff/machines provide accurate measurements of a patient’s blood pressure.

Reliant 600 Series Floor Lift - $2,887

Awarded Department: Acute Care

The Sit-to-stand lift is used when patients are unable to stand unassisted, but need to transfer from bed to chair. The lift allows staff to move patients comfortably and safely.

Procedure Light - $2,326

Awarded to: Mile Bluff Clinic

This is a brighter and easier to position light to use during clinical procedures.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) - $1,456

Awarded to: Fair View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Having an AED in house drastically reduces delay in response to a cardiac arrest and increases the chance of survival from 6 percent to 74 percent.

Digital Chair Scale - $1,131

Awarded to: Fair View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

When a new resident is admitted to the hospital, this scale allows the resident’s weight to be taken in the admission room. It will allow for some peace and privacy while acclimating to a new environment.

Infant Airway Management Trainer - $745

Awarded to: Education

The trainer provides a realistic tool for practicing the specialized skills required for infant airway management.

New PageLeg Wrapping Support System - $628

Awarded to: Wound Care

This positioning device elevates and comfortably supports a patient’s leg during wound care.

Little Baby QCPR - $239

Awarded to: Education

Used during life support and other training classes, this interactive infant manikin is used to teach hands-on infant resuscitation.