Gifts at Work

Gifts at Work

Fundraising for Medical Equipment in Juneau County

In addition to having small, unique fundraising events, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation holds several large fundraisers throughout the year, including the annual golf outing and Women’s Night Out. These events not only raise funds for the foundation, they also spread awareness about the organization's mission.

With the money raised each year, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation is able to purchase needed equipment for the medical center, provide scholarships for healthcare students, and organize community events.

Annual Reports:

Approved equipment purchases for 2018 - $64,442

Ferromagnetic Detection System - $21,205

This system will be used in the Medical Imaging Department to screen patients for metal prior to receiving an MRI.

Children’s Activity Wall/Centers - $9,000

To improve the experience of Mile Bluff’s youngest patients, interactive activity wall/centers will be installed in all Mile Bluff outreach facilities, medical imaging and surgery departments.

Low Access Power Exam Table - $6,799

This table can be lowered close to the ground, making it easier and safer for our elderly and disabled patients.

Mini Telemetry System - $5,899

This wireless system allows mothers in labor to walk freely in their rooms or hallways while being monitored for contractions and fetal heart tones.

Sci-Fit PRO 2 Total Body Exerciser - $4,916

This machine will be used to improve heart and lung health in patients undergoing cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation.

Premier Broselow Pediatric Cart - $3,680

This cart is designed to aid in rapid response to pediatric patients needing intubation in an emergency situation.

Surgery IV Warmer

Warming IV fluids before they are given to a patient undergoing surgery improves patient outcomes.

Electronic Scale - $2,798

This scale will be used at Necedah Family Medical Center to provide extra support rails for anyone with trouble standing without assistance.

Bubble CPAP System - $2,700

Respiratory Therapy will use this to provide continuous positive airway pressure when a newborn baby has labored breathing or low oxygen levels.

GKmini Walking Surface - $2,700

This moving surface helps rehabilitation patients relearn to walk after a stroke or spinal cord injury.

Two iPads - $900

iPads will be used in Speech & Lanaguage Pathology to provide education, direct visual/audio feedback, and provide therapeutic exercises/tasks.

Sensory Equipment for Dementia Care - $800

This equipment helps decrease agitation, reduce restlessness, and even improve sleep in nursing home residents with dementia.