Jennifer Birdsey, PA-C

  • Emergency/Urgent Care
  • Emergency/Urgent Care

Mile Bluff Medical Center 1050 Division Street
Mauston, WI 53948
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Phone: 608-847-6161

About the Provider

Joined Mile Bluff in
July, 2019

Provider Bio

Jennifer is eager to provide care to patients and help not only their immediate needs, but their overall health. She enjoys working with people and having conversations about how to improve their health, not only in the acute setting, but also preventative care. Jennifer encourages patients to have healthy lifestyle habits to better control their quality of life and to create a better future for themselves.

When patients come to Urgent Care, they may find a busy waiting room. Jennifer wants to ensure patients, that regardless of how busy the Urgent Care is, she will provide patients with only the best care.

When not a work, Jennifer enjoys being active outside with hiking and playing volleyball.

Professional Certification(s):

Certified Physician Assistant by National Commission On Certification Of Physician Assistants


Jennifer received her Bachelor of Biology from the University of Georgia. She went on to receive her Master of Physician Assistant from South University Physician Assistant Program.