Free diabetes education event - Nov. 7

If you are living life with diabetes, dental health plays an important role in the management of the disease. To help you learn more about how vital proper dental care is to diabetes self-management, Mile Bluff Medical Center would like to invite you to a free education event.

On Thursday, November 7, join Mile Bluff’s diabetes educator, Margaret Hewitt, and Dr. Marcie Yang of Wisconsin Dental Improvements, as they share information on how diabetes can affect your oral health. This free event will begin at 1 pm in Mile Bluff Medical Center’s Community Room.

The event will also provide you with additional dental care and diabetes resources, door prizes, and refreshments. If you or a loved one has diabetes, this event is a great opportunity to connect with local diabetes management resources.

If diabetes impacts your life, join Mile Bluff’s Diabetes Education team for “Diabetes and Your Dental Health” on Thursday, November 7. Registration is required for this event. Call 608-847-1848 to reserve your spot.