Foundation to fund $65k in equipment

Throughout the year, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation raises funds to support the programs and services Mile Bluff provides to the community. The foundation gives individuals and businesses the opportunity to take an active role in impacting healthcare locally. The funds raised are put toward community events, scholarship programs and equipment purchases.

The following is a list of the recently-approved items the foundation is supporting the purchase of for the medical center - thanks to the contributions of generous donors.

Seca 769 digital scale - $341.99 - Obstetrics (OB)
This scale will be dedicated solely for use in the OB Department. It will help the staff keep up-to-date on best practices for new moms.

Huntleigh super doppler - $1,469 - Fair View
This handheld doppler machine allows for earlier and more sensitive detection of complications related to diabetes/vascular issues, blood clots, and decreased circulation.

Scale - $1,751 - Infusion & Cancer Care
Accurate and updated weights are an important part of an appropriate assessment for infusion and chemotherapy patients. This scale will help provide staff members with the equipment they need, when they need it, to follow best practices to care for patients in the department.

Kwalu Valdina easy-access chair - $3,400 - Medical/Surgical
Hip replacement patients will use this chair when in the inpatient setting. The chair allows them to sit without bending at the hip.

RealCare geriatric simulator - $3,555 - Education
This simulator is a wearable age suit that staff can use to experience a variety of age-related physical challenges.

Kangaroo recliner - $4,235 - Infusion & Cancer Care
For patients undergoing infusion or chemotherapy treatment, this recliner will provide a comfortable place to receive care.

Noelle OB simulator - $4,300 - Education
This automated manikin is used to simulate delivery and emergency situations during childbirth. Mile Bluff nurses and doctors, local EMTs, and other healthcare providers will utilize this equipment.

Accuvein illuminator and stand - $6,120 - Medical Imaging
The illuminator will assist in finding the veins of medical imaging patients. The more IV attempts a patient undergoes (whether successful or unsuccessful) the higher the risk for developing scar tissue, which also eventually makes IV starts more difficult overall.

Kwalu Valentia gliders (3) - $6,586 - Obstetrics (OB)
Patients requested new rockers for the OB suites. These new gliders are ideal for breastfeeding, and provide mothers with a comfortable spot to bond with baby.

Isotour turn-assist mattress and pump - $7,500 - Medical/Surgical
At times, there are patients in the inpatient setting who have a hard time turning in bed. This specialized mattress will help staff members to safely turn those patients, which will help to reduce the risk of pressure injuries.

Medical cart workstations (2) - $7,525 - Fair View
Workstations allow nursing staff members to transport their computers throughout the facility. These carts are for charting within resident rooms, and will aid in simple medication distribution.

Spider 2 shoulder positioner - $18,687 - Surgery
This equipment allows for extremely accurate shoulder/arm positioning during orthopedic surgery. The positioner also helps reduce discomfort and promotes a quicker recovery in patients.

In total, the foundation will be assisting Mile Bluff departments with over $65,000 in equipment purchases. It’s through the generous donations of community members and businesses that the foundation is able to make this possible.