New, improved water treatment system installed in Mauston dialysis center

At Mile Bluff, the health and safety of patients is a top priority. Equipment and processes are always being reviewed to make sure the highest quality of care is being offered to the community.

Earlier this year, an improvement was made to the water system used for dialysis treatments in Mauston. A direct-feed water system was installed, which offers benefits for both patients and staff members.

Unlike older models, where a storage tank was required to hold water until it was needed for treatment, the new unit processes reverse-osmosis water only as it’s needed. This leads to much less waste.

Water is an important part of the dialysis process, so it is vital to ensure that it is safe and clean. The Center for Disease Control recommends that water distribution systems used in a dialysis setting are disinfected at least once a month. In older systems, it took eight hours for a staff member to finish the disinfection process. The new water system at Mile Bluff takes much less time to clean. This allows staff members to disinfect it once a week, which is a great benefit to patients.

The new dialysis water system is just one way that Mile Bluff is committed to providing the best care possible for the community.

Mile Bluff provides dialysis services in Mauston and Wisconsin Dells.