Making New Year's resolutions last

Studies show that a new goal or resolution needs to be repeated for at least 21 days in order for it to truly last. However, day four is when most of these goals go downhill. Don’t fall into this trap! Instead, check out these tips on how to turn resolutions into a new lifestyle.

  • Start small: Don’t tackle more than one to two goals at a time. Small, realistic changes can make a big difference and be more manageable long-term.
  • Be specific: Make goals as specific as possible. For example, don’t just say, “I’m going to exercise more.” Instead, make it specific by saying “I’m going to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes three days per week.” The more specific the goal, the more attainable it becomes.
  • Be flexible: Make adjustments to your goal as you go. It’s easy to set too high of an expectation for yourself, especially when establishing a new goal. Don’t stress about taking the intensity down a few notches. If it means you’re more likely to follow your resolution, it’s worth giving it a try.
  • Tackle goals as a team: One of the best ways to be healthier is through accountability. Recruit a close friend or family member, and work toward goals together. This way, there’s always another person to help keep you on track. Plus, a little competition never hurt, right?
  • Track your progress: Utilize free phone applications to track exercise, log meals, or start a new workout. Tracking could also be as simple as making a calendar or writing in a journal.
  • Stay motivated: Remember the reasons you wanted to change in the first place. Post these reasons somewhere that’s visible, to remind you of why it’s important to keep moving forward!

Do you need guidance when it comes to setting realistic nutrition and weight-loss goals? Call Mile Bluff’s Food & Nutrition Department. The registered dietitian nutritionists can help you identify goals that work for your lifestyle, and can help you to establish a nutrition plan that supports those goals. For information, call 608-847-1295.