Inspiring next generation of care providers

In December, several community healthcare agencies came together to educate the next generation of care providers. Mile Bluff’s licensed athletic trainers (LATs) and Emergency Department personnel partnered with area EMTs and paramedics to provide Mauston High School students with an inside look into sideline emergency response.

Mile Bluff provides athletic training services to five area school districts. Throughout the school year, the LATs assess, diagnose and treat high school student athletes for a variety of sports-related ailments, such as concussions, injured muscles and broken bones. The LATs work closely with area EMS/paramedic agencies to ensure that in an emergency, the transfer of care from one healthcare provider to the next is smooth.

During the training, the LATs demonstrated how they respond to an injury on the sidelines of an athletic field. In one particular scenario, a neck injury was suspected. The LATs and Mauston Ambulance personnel discussed how they would prepare a patient to be placed on a spine board for safe transportation. The skilled professionals of the Mauston Ambulance Association then explained how they prepare an injured athlete for treatment at a hospital.

Following the spine board demonstration, the 40 students were placed in breakout sessions that focused on concussion testing and management, spine boarding, and leg injury treatment.

Mile Bluff would like to thank the Mauston Area Ambulance Association for its assistance in this training exercise. Both agencies appreciate the opportunity to teach the next generation of care providers!