Rob June: Proud member of Mile Bluff team

For almost three decades, Dr. Rob June has been helping patients hear clearly as an audiologist. Having spent 11 years at Mile Bluff, Rob is proud of the care he can provide to patients locally.

“For a rural community, our audiology department offers patients specialty tests which are generally only found in urban hospitals. I take great pride in diagnosing and managing my patients hearing concerns,” explains Rob.

Mile Bluff’s audiology department provides care for patients of all ages. Providing more than just hearing testing and hearing aid fittings, Rob and the audiology team also provide middle ear testing, earwax removal, ear impressions for custom molds, industrial hearing tests, and newborn hearing tests. They also treat patients with vertigo, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and much more.

Rob is proud of the people he works with. “I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a great group of professionals here at Mile Bluff! My fellow co-workers are like family to me,” says Rob. “All of us, in the Audiology Department, work hard to meet the hearing healthcare needs of the patients we serve.”

Rob and his wife, Ann, relocated to Mauston in 1994 to be closer to family. They have two children - Caleb and Anah. Mile Bluff provided Rob with a good change of pace from the urban community he came from. He worked at Mile Bluff for a few years before spending time at the Tomah VA. “I take great pride in the audiology services that I provided to the men and women who served our country,” recalls Rob. “Returning to Mile Bluff in 2013 was a refreshing start for me. The organization has experienced many positive and exciting changes.”

In addition to providing care, Rob has been a Mile Bluff patient and is grateful for the care he has received. As an accomplished distance runner, Rob experienced an injury that led him to seek the care of Mile Bluff’s podiatry and physical therapy teams. “I was very pleased to have personal medical care from our highly-trained staff,” recounts Rob. “They were able to address my concerns to get me back on the road to recovery.”

Rob is just one of the many individuals who is proud to be an employee at Mile Bluff Medical Center. In an effort to share the stories of these people, each quarter the organization will highlight a staff member who is willing to share his/her story. If you are looking for a great place to work, check out the job openings.