In the spotlight: Women of the Moose thanked for volunteer service

The staff at Mile Bluff Medical Center would like to recognize and thank the Women of the Moose, Juneau County, Chapter 1993. For over five years, the group has donated its time to making fleece tie blankets for Mile Bluff’s Emergency Department. The blankets are used during the treatment of young patients, who then get to take the blankets home with them. “Knowing that we are helping to make others feel more comfortable and at ease during difficult moments in their lives is very rewarding,” stated the Women of the Moose members.

The group decided to take on the initiative when a member saw the need first-hand. “A young girl was in the ER crying,” commented Moose member Joan Gill. “The staff wrapped the girl in a blanket to warm and comfort her while they examined her. The blanket didn’t look very soft to me, so the idea came real quick: What about a fuzzy blanket?!”

That thought started it all. Some of the members donated fleece, and then they were off and running. “The first group of six blankets was gone in eight days,” Joan recalled. “So after that, and still today, we donate 12 to 15 blankets at a time when we are notified that only a few are left.” At last count, the women estimate having donated a total of 570 blankets to the Mile Bluff Emergency Department.

Patients have enjoyed receiving the fleece tie blankets and have even sent thank you cards to show their appreciation. “We have received cards, notes and letters from children and their parents thanking, us for the blankets,” added the ladies. “We read the letters at our meetings. They bring a smile to everyone’s face, and even some tears.”

If you are interested in volunteering at Mile Bluff, contact Amy Cass at 608-562-3667 for more information. There are opportunities available for individuals and groups of all ages…and even some dogs!

Below is one of the many thank you notes received by the Women of the Moose for the donations used in Mile Bluff’s Emergency Department:

“Thank you so much for the blanket you made for our son. He had a significant injury to his foot when we rushed him to the emergency room. He was wet, cold, scared and in pain. The great staff in the ER brought him some heated blankets, and the blanket you made for him to put over the top. He was very comforted. He has a favorite blanket that is similar, that he has had since he was a baby. The blanket you provided was instrumental in that visit, as well as all the staff in the ER. He has a new favorite blanket! Every time he shares the story of his injury, he tells about the awesome blanket that he received.”