Traveling dialysis patient appreciates convenience of Wisconsin Dells Center

Mile Bluff has been providing exceptional in-center dialysis services in Mauston since 1999. The growing need for dialysis care led Mile Bluff to expand its services into Lake Delton in 2016. The goal of the expansion was to serve individuals who were on a waiting list, and to provide an option for dialysis recipients who want to travel to the Wisconsin Dells area.

For individuals who need regular dialysis treatments, leaving their hometown is not always easy. It can be a challenge to find good dialysis providers that set space aside for travelers. Mile Bluff’s Wisconsin Dells Dialysis Center welcomes vacationing dialysis patients like Frank Tiesenga.

Frank and his wife, Sue, have been vacationing in the area for over 40 years with their son, Greg. The tradition started when Greg was four years old. The family resides in Downers Grove, Illinois, but enjoys camping in Wisconsin Dells every summer. When Frank began needing dialysis treatment two years ago, his wife started calling around to see where their closest option was for when they were on vacation. “In the beginning, we had to travel all the way to Madison for his dialysis,” said Sue. “When we heard that a dialysis center was opening up in Wisconsin Dells, I called right away.”

Brenda Totzke, Director of Dialysis at Mile Bluff, answered Sue’s call and was able to set Frank up for care whenever he visited the area. “Brenda was fantastic!” Sue added. “She kept in touch with us, and I really can’t say enough good things about the entire experience my husband and I have had with Mile Bluff.”

The last few years have been rough for Frank who has dealt with multiple illnesses, and is currently recovering from rotator cuff surgery. He has also suffered multiple heart attacks over the past two years. “Frank has had a couple of near misses where we almost lost him,” stated Sue. “It has been hard to get away, but when we have, Mile Bluff has been absolutely fantastic with helping us set up Frank’s dialysis. Everyone has been very accommodating.”

Other than the convenience of being able to receive dialysis treatments on vacation, Frank and Sue have really appreciated the high quality care that they have experienced with the staff at Wisconsin Dells Dialysis Center. “All of the nurses and technicians are absolutely wonderful with Frank. They are caring and very empathetic,” Sue commented. “We have dealt with a few other dialysis centers, and I wish their employees had the kind of compassion that we receive from the staff at Mile Bluff. I thank God for them, and we look forward to returning to Wisconsin Dells this summer.”

Sue would like to thank not only the staff at Mile Bluff, but also her son for all the help he has provided. “Greg has helped in so many ways and he has always been there for us. He always visited his dad when I couldn’t, and there wasn’t a day that went by where Frank did not see one of us.”

Wisconsin Dells Dialysis Center is located in the lower level of Delton Family Medical Center, which is across the parking lot from Wal-Mart. The center provides care on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If you have family members or friends who are traveling to the area and need dialysis treatment, call 608-847-2870 for availability.