Merv Vaassen: Proud to be part of the Mile Bluff

Since 1991, Merv Vaassen has been a member of the Mile Bluff team. As a staff electrician in the Facility Services Department, Merv helps to ensure that Mile Bluff and its buildings are taken care of, and are safe for the people inside.

“The fun part of the job is not really knowing what you’re going to do every day,” admits Merv. “From working on the nurse call light system in Acute Care, to dealing with clogged drains and parking lot lights, we all do whatever it takes to keep the place up and running.”

Early in his marriage to his wife Sherise, Merv often found himself in Wonewoc on the weekends helping his in-laws on the family farm. After enough weekends, the couple was convinced that the area was where they wanted to raise their family.

“One day we took a day off of work in Madison, and came to Mauston to check out the area,” recalls Merv. “I dropped Sherise off at the front desk at Mile Bluff so she could ask about a job, and I went to the phone book to look up electrical contractors. That day, I found a job at Gray Electric, and Sherise got hired as a nurse at the hospital. We went back to Madison to give our two-week notice, took a week to move up to the area, and the rest is history.”

After a few years of working at Gray’s, Merv was finally convinced by Steve Vinopal, the director of Mile Bluff’s facility services at the time, to join the medical center team. “I had worked at a factory in Madison before we moved here. I wasn’t really looking to work in that corporate setting again,” says Merv. “I quickly realized that working at Mile Bluff was not like factory work. It’s a bunch of good people, and every day is different here.”

Looking back, Merv has enjoyed watching Mile Bluff become the organization it is today. “I helped to install the first computer at Mile Bluff, and I’ve watched the organization grow from that,” recalls Merv. “The technology is always changing in healthcare, but it’s fun to keep up with those changes. The equipment that we use to keep this place running is pretty amazing.”

Merv and Sherise (who is now the Director of the Surgery Department), are grateful for their years at Mile Bluff. “We have been here for a long time, and Mile Bluff has been good to us,” admits Merv. “There really is a benefit to being a long-term employee here.”

“I’ve liked seeing Mile Bluff grow over the years. We’re always very motivated to be a top-notch organization, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we’ll grow in the future.”

Merv is just one of the many individuals who is proud to be an employee at Mile Bluff Medical Center. In an effort to share the stories of these people, each quarter the organization will highlight a staff member who is willing to share his/her story. If you are looking for a great place to work, check out our job openings.